The Interactive Media User Experience (UX) Lab is now open at University of Miami School of Communication and available to interested researchers or organizations in need of state-of-the-art design and research services. 

“We provide UX services for researchers who are developing new technology and need design and evaluation of their user interfacing products. The UX Lab is also a training ground for Interactive Media students interested in pursuing UX careers,” says Dr. Barbara Millet, lab director and research assistant professor in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media.

Located on the first floor of the School of Communication’s Francis L. Wolfson building, the UX Lab offers user experience research and design services to internal and external clients, and provides practical experience to students who are focused on obtaining careers in user experience research and interaction design.

The lab is divided into two separate rooms designed for observation or testing. The observation area features computers to monitor incoming data and a one-way window into the testing room that gives researchers the opportunity to observe the study.

The testing room is stocked with modern technology, including equipment for remote research and the latest in eye-tracking technology. Using the Tobii eye tracker, researchers can monitor participant eye movements to discover what captures their attention on a screen. The data collected through the Tobii eye tracker can help participating organizations determine how to effectively communicate their message in today’s technologically-advanced society.

The lab will be staffed by interactive media faculty and students. Students working for the UX Lab will conduct user-centered research and design methods that take into account the client’s business, user experience goals, project timelines, and budgets. The lab will also be available to students enrolled in Millet’s UX Research Methods (CIM 622) class.

According to Millet, the UX Lab not only benefits the organizations who need the design and research services, but also the students who are gaining hands-on experience and developing critical thinking skills.

Organizations or researchers interested in UX Lab services can contact Millet at or visit for more information.