A Bold Vision

Communication requires constant change. As media, strategy, techniques and technology advance, communicators are challenged to adapt, learn and create in new ways. At the School of Communication, we create the next generation of great communicators. Educating tomorrow’s leaders means equipping them with innovative ideas, novel experiences, technological expertise, entrepreneurial ambition and social responsibility.

The Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center, a space for collaborative learning, real-world experiences and a student-run multimedia consultancy is the centerpiece of the School of Communication, a space that embraces change, and empowers students to thrive in it.

Orange Umbrella, the student-run consultancy, allows students to provide a wide range of communication services – from traditional advertising campaigns to social media and app development – to real-world clients, both external and internal to UM. With five departments, Orange Umbrella students – also known as “oranges” – also gain experience in managing teams and client relations. More information on Orange Umbrella can be found on the website here.

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Home of the Orange Umbrella Student Consultancy

Orange Umbrella Student Consultancy is a full-service, student run consulting agency and offers an array of services to clients including public relations, advertising, interactive media, film production, research, and web design.

The name for the consultancy was inspired by the orange umbrellas that dot UM’s campus and denotes the diverse student workforce and services provided under one umbrella. The consultancy employs students from a variety of disciplines including film, advertising, business, and public relations.

Any student whose academic skills can be used to fulfill a client’s communication needs are welcome to join Orange Umbrella Student Consultancy.