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Strategic Acumen

Students in the Public Relations Master’s Program learn how to use various media and methods of strategic communication to effectively promote organizations, products, services, and non-profit entities in an international marketplace.

The MA in Public Relations teaches students the fundamental elements central to the practice of public relations, built upon a foundation of understanding how, when, and why communication works. Our small class sizes, award-winning faculty, and professional networks give students a 360-degree education, allowing you to go beyond the classroom and explore the field of public relations from a multitude of practical and professional perspectives.

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Crisis Communication and Management

This course introduces the student to crisis communication and management from a strategy, theory-based approach steeped in case research from historical cases and business case studies.

Media Relations

Students in this course will get the inside scoop on how to communicate with reporters, will learn why different media outlets cover the same story in different ways, and how fake news is impacting the field of journalism.

Women in PR

This course examines the PR field and is devoted to examining the impact of women on the industry. Through workshops and guest speakers, we will examine the reality of today’s PR field, where men are an “endangered species” and women are taking the lead.

Public Relations and Politics

This course will examine the candidates in current political elections, their likability factors, truthfulness, strengths and weaknesses, and how they get their messages out to the world.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations

This course focuses on exploring the external and internal environments of organizations. Students will learn how organizations use public relations and other forms of communication to strategically and effectively communicate with external and internal publics in today’s complex business environment.

International Public Relations

This course provides a general introduction to the study and practice of public relations within a global marketplace. A variety of topics are addressed including the role of culture in global public relations, differences in styles of public relations practices across international groups and the role organizations play in this process.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Strategic Communication in Health Care

This course provides a general introduction to the role of media and strategic communication in the healthcare industry. A variety of topics are addressed from handling internal and external communication practices of health-related organizations to applying the principles of strategic communication to areas such as healthcare public relations and social marketing.

Showcase Your Talents

Students studying Public Relations at the School of Communication have many opportunities to showcase their talents to the world. From national competitions to working with real-world clients, the avenues of experience are endless.

Featured Projects

A few of our public relations projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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