Public Relations, M.A.

Graduate Program

About the Program

Strategic Acumen

Public Relations Master’s Program students learn how to promote a client’s business, image, or product in the international marketplace.

Public Relations focuses on the free placement of messages in the media through media releases, editorial content, and promotion.

Classroom requirements reflect the importance of research, new technology, and the relationship of all media (electronic, print, and related technology) to public relations in both the public and private sectors. Students create and execute PR campaigns as part of their course work. They have the opportunity to work within a professional environment through internships and practicum programs.

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Corporate Communication and Public Relations

This course monitors the sociopolitical environment of organizations, explores managing corporate crises and confrontations, analyzes issues, formulates organizational and political strategies, develops programs of advocacy communication and explores constituency communications and public involvement.

International Public Relations

History, theory, and practice of public relations in a global, multicultural environment.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Religion, Communication, and Culture

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Sports, Publicity, and Promotions

This course will provide a review, examination and practical application of sports communications, publicity and promotions in strategic communications.

Strategic Communication in Health Care

An examination of health industry communication from business and promotional perspectives, including the special issues that have an impact on health communicators. Best practices and case studies from notable practitioners are used; strategic communication plan development, writing and presentation are emphasized.

Theories of Communication

Comparison of theories dealing with the processes and effects of communication is discussed.

Related Minors

Advertising, Public Relations, Strategic Communication

Showcase Your Talents

Students studying Public Relations at the School of Communication have many opportunities to showcase their talents to the world. From national competitions to working with real-world clients, the avenues of experience are endless.

Featured Projects

A few of our public relations projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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