The best part of being Vice Dean for Research and Creative Activity is the opportunity to support the innovative and exciting work of faculty and students in the School of Communication. We are a relatively small and diverse School, but our faculty have made a positive impact the university and in communities across Miami, the country, and the world.

There are a number of resources within SoC and UM that are available to support faculty research and creative activity. Additionally, faculty are encouraged to seek external funding support for these activities; there are resources available across the university to support the development and submission of grant applications. This document is designed to provide information about these resources; please note, however, that the availability of some programs will change, sometimes unexpectedly, over time. (Please confirm program requirements before applying.)

It is my intention to provide a number of faculty development activities that faculty (and graduate students) may find helpful. These include a mentoring program for early- and mid-career faculty that will be developed in cooperation with Faculty Affairs and that will be rooted in established best practices, and a seminar series that will be focused on a wide range of topics. These topics will include best practices for interdisciplinary team science, identification of external funding opportunities, and ethical issues that need to be navigated in collaborative research, like co-authorship considerations. This year, I hope to collaborate with many of you to develop a strategic plan that will advance the growth of research and creative activity in the School of Communication.

As you pursue your work, you may discover new resources which may be of interest to other SoC faculty. Please contact me with this information so I can add them to this list. In addition, if there are other ways that I can support your professional activities, particularly your pursuit of external funding, please let me know. I welcome any questions and feedback you may have.

All the best,

Susan E. Morgan, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Research and Creative Activity

Research Resources