Patrick Farrell’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Photos, ‘Haiti’s Year Without Mercy’


In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, covering a relentless season of hurricanes and tropical storms in late 2008, Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell and reporter Jacquie Charles started hearing [...]

A Conversation About the NPR Podcast “White Lies” at the University of Miami


A Conversation About the NPR Podcast, "White Lies," Season Two with, Andrew Beck Grace co-creator, "White Lies," Chip Brantley co-creator, "White Lies," Brianna Nofil assistant [...]

Inside IMAX: What Makes It “The World’s Most Innovative Movie-Going Experience”


The innovative technology of IMAX, which includes sound systems, projection systems, cameras, and uniquely designed theaters, offers audiences an immersive viewing experience. This paper analyzes [...]