By contributing to the School of Communication you can help us as we step boldly into the future. Throughout the School there are a variety of naming opportunities that can serve as an enduring legacy based on your gift. By naming a building, classroom or studio, you help to defray the cost of our physical plant and the high cost of new technology advances, which in turn allows us to recruit and retain the best students in the world.

Frances L. Wolfson Building

Courtyard: $1,000,000
The School of Communication courtyard is the heart of the School, dedicated to the fundamental freedoms of speech and the press. Located centrally in between the School’s two main classroom buildings, this open-air space has been the site of numerous lectures, concerts, screenings, receptions and other student activities. Over the years, the courtyard has hosted news headliners including U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts, 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt, and controversial best-selling author Salman Rushdie. It continues to be an important area for students, faculty and visitors of the University of Miami.

Interactive Media Center: Various Opportunities
The Interactive Media Center at the University of Miami School of Communication will serve as a multimedia collaborative workspace for students across all disciplines in the School. The Interactive Media Center will occupy the space currently known as the Reading Room, and effectively serving as the “front door” to the School in the Frances L. Wolfson Building. As part of the strategic direction for the School in “breaking down walls” and cross-training students to be proficient across a wide array of communication fields, the Interactive Media Center will bring students together to work on coursework as well as freelance projects for clients served by the School’s student-run agency. The Interactive Media Center will feature modern workstations designed to facilitate team activity, as well as state-of-the-art technology and software.

Film Sound Stage/Motion Picture Studio – Studio A: $250,000
Located next to cable studios B and C the School of Communication’s sound stage is a 40′ by 40′ space fully equipped with grip and lighting equipment for motion picture production. The space includes a permanent 18′ H by 23′ L Cyc wall for green screen shots, black curtain for full stage, steel pipe grid and two 200 amp power distribution boxes. All equipment for sound stage use can be checked out from the School of Communication’s equipment room in room 1014 of the Frances L. Wolfson building. Lights such as: 10K mole baby, 5K mole baby, 4K soft, and 4K super soft are kept in the sound stage for student use. The sound stage is used by undergraduate and graduates for film projects and also as a teaching space for production courses.

Broadcast Studio – Studio C: $250,000
The School of Communication has two hi-tech digital television studios and control rooms that are used for teaching video production and broadcast journalism courses. The studios are also where students produce a variety of programming for UMTV, the University of Miami’s award-winning campus television station. These programs include “NewsVision,” a 30-minute newscast that includes weather and sports, “The Wire,” a late-night comedy show, and “UniMiami,” a Spanish-language newscast. Through this programming, students develop their journalism and production skills, while getting a taste of the professional world. The studios are located near the Wolfson Building main lobby.

Editing Suite: $250,000
School of Communication students have advanced technology at their fingertips. The School’s five editing suites include 10 workstations with hi-end iMacs for 4k video editing. Communication students studying broadcast journalism, electronic media, cinema and interactive media use these suites regularly, and have afterhours access to most. The School continually works to upgrade these suites as new technology emerges.

Master Control Suite: $250,000
The Master Control Suite is updated with broadcasting technology. Students use the facility to produce programming for UMTV, the University of Miami’s award-winning campus television station.

Smart Classrooms: $250,000 each
The School of Communication’s computer facilities in the Frances L. Wolfson building consist of four main labs used for both classroom instruction and as a resource for UM students. Equipped with dozens of new Macintosh and PC’s, the labs are open for use to Communication students and UM students taking Communication courses. Here, lessons come alive for students studying graphic design, visual journalism, advertising, multimedia, and more.

Academic Services Suite: $100,000
The Office of Admissions, Academic and Alumni Services serves as an information hub for students, prospective students, alumni, and parents. The office assists current students with their academic advising needs, course requirements, course selection, graduation queries and academic standing. The office provides weekly updates to students regarding internship and job opportunities, scholarships, meetings and events. It also organizes numerous career-planning events each year for students with major media outlets as the Associated Press, ESPN, and McClatchy Newspapers. Finance and Administration Suite — $100,000 (Room 2039)

Administration and Finance Suite: $100,000
The Administration and Finance Suite houses the School’s Human Resources and Financial Administration departments. In these offices, faculty and staff personnel issues are facilitated and the School’s budget is carefully planned out and balanced.

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Suite: $100,000
The vice Dean’s Suites are where the School’s vice deans work and meet with students, faculty, and other guests. Our vice deans develop many of the School’s important policies here and help run the day-to-day business of academics.

Dean’s Suite: $150,000
The School of Communication Dean’s Suite and office are located on the 2nd floor of the Frances L. Wolfson building. Dean Karin G. Wilkins works in this suite and it is the place where all major School decisions and policies are made.

Graduate Studies Suite: $100,000
Located on the 4th floor, the Graduate Studies Suite is the place where graduate students go to find more information about Communication majors and careers in the field. The Graduate Studies Suite is also where SoC staff facilitates UM faculty and students’ research and creative project needs.

Classrooms: $75,000
Our spacious classrooms, used by students and professors, are equipped with various resources including marker boards, bulletin boards, projectors, computers, and recording materials for instruction. These classrooms are where the communicators and newsmakers of tomorrow get their start.

Faculty & Staff Lounge: $50,000
Located on the 4th floor, this lounge offers faculty and staff a place to rest, recharge and meet with colleagues. Equipped with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a coffeemaker, and containing a large table for group lunches, the lounge is a place of respite. Faculty and staff mailboxes are also located here.

Faculty Offices: $10,000
The faculty offices are where professors prepare lessons for the communications professionals of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to visit their professors during office hours. In these faculty offices, professors also take part in planning and executing creative projects and research in a variety of areas, including public relations, communication studies, motion pictures and more.

Departmental Chair Offices: $25,000
Each of the four departments in the School of Communication – Communication Studies, Strategic Communication, Journalism & Media Management, and Cinema & Interactive Media – have departmental chair offices where heads of faculty prepare and plan student curriculum for each of the departments listed above throughout the course of the academic year.

Departmental Offices: $50,000
Each of the four departments in the School of Communication – Communication Studies, Strategic Communication, Journalism & Media Management, and Cinema & Interactive Media – have reception/office areas that welcome students and serve as the hub for departmental activity.

International Building

Name the Building: $5,000,000
Completed in 2007, the International Building plays an instrumental part of the school’s commitment to excellence in global communication. This five-story, 24,600-square-foot building provides students and faculty with resources for a higher level of achievement. It includes state-of-the-art classrooms, a theater-style auditorium, and professionally-equipped work rooms for student groups.

Digital Editing Suite: $500,000
A valued resource for Motion Picture and Broadcast Journalism students, the Digital Editing Suites allow 24-hour access to editing stations, post-production facilities with Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Pro Tools audio lab, Pro Tools Ultimate mixing stations, and a Foley stage.

Hospitality Terrace: $500,000
The Hospitality Terrace on the 3rd floor is the perfect location for outdoor events. Overlooking the beautiful city of Coral Gables, including a view of the historic Biltmore Hotel, the terrace has a large space with seating and tables. Students often go there to do homework or have lunch during the day, and many School of Communication meetings and receptions are held here.

Lecture Hall/Interactive Classroom: $500,000
The School of Communication auditorium-style lecture hall is a place for distinguished guests and speakers who come from around the world to discuss aspects of communication in today’s society. The lecture hall is also used by professors as a classroom for students.

Ph.D. Students Suite: $500,000
The Graduate Students Suite features 14 cubicles where Ph.D. students can quietly focus on their work, study, or write their thesis.

Computer Lab: $350,000
Located in the International Building, this is a 22-station dual-boot Apple iMac lab designed specifically for student use. Students can always be found working late and on weekends here. The lab is staffed for late-hour technical assistance for students.

Media Control Room: $100,000
The media control room is the brain of the School’s facilities and holds switchboards to keep the computers and media equipment in classrooms and offices working throughout the School of Communication.

Debate Team Office: $100,000
The University of Miami Debate Team is a nationally-recognized and award-winning competitive team that travels around the country. Each academic year, the team competes in 20 intercollegiate tournaments, including at Harvard, Cornell and Westpoint. The team prepares for tournaments by conducting research, outlining strategy, formulating arguments, and meeting several times a week in the Debate Team Office. The UM Debate Team is a member of the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), The National Debate Tournament (NDT), the American Debate Association (ADA) and Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha national forensics honorary (DSR-TKA).

Classrooms: $75,000
Expansive classrooms in the School’s International Building located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor come equipped with computers, projectors, desks, bulletin boards, marker boards, and other media devices.

Conference/Seminar Room (2): $75,000 & $150,000
Comfortable spaces for private meetings and small-group presentations, these conference rooms on the 2nd and 5th floor are equipped with roundtables, podiums, projectors, and telephones.

Faculty Offices: $10,000
The faculty offices are work spaces for professors and School of Communication staff and also where students can meet their teachers for further guidance and instruction.