Documentary, M.F.A.

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About the Program

Study documentary production in a cross disciplinary program that combines cinematic arts with journalism.

Documentaries do not merely convey facts or information, they tell stories that have the ability to produce positive social change. By building on the School of Communication’s strengths in both cinematic and journalistic documentary, the M.F.A. in Documentary program distinguishes itself by converging disciplines and promoting experimentation with the goal of producing forms that best serve story content.

Students are exposed to a variety of documentary styles, including observational, expository, reflexive, performative, participatory, and poetic while immersed in a wide range of approaches. The Documentary M.F.A. program emphasizes the social responsibility of the storyteller and explores the standards and ethics of journalism. Graduates from this program will gain knowledge in how to cast a light on under-represented issues or topics of social relevance in ways that are visceral and impactful.

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Featured Projects

A few of our documentary projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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