The School of Communication at the University of Miami is a remarkable program of discovery and excellence that has launched professional careers and changed lives. For anyone seeking higher education in fields within the communication arts and professions, this program offers the opportunity to develop a personal voice within the context of collegial collaboration. The SoC strives to provide a learning experience that is permeated with the multicultural and global realities of the contemporary world.

The SoC is comprised of nine undergraduate majors: Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Communication Studies, Electronic Media, Interactive Media, Media Management, Motion Pictures, Journalism, and Public Relations. It is the third largest undergraduate school at the University of Miami.

The nature of how we communicate and connect worldwide continues to change rapidly. The SoC provides the tools and knowledge for reaching global audiences through voice, print, visual and multi-media. The SoC is also committed to a comprehensive, focused and academic education for students. The degree students earn in Communication can be enriched by a second major of the student’s choice in any other School or College at the University.

The faculty at the SoC are not only mentors and teachers, but are award-winning industry professionals and seasoned scholars. Students learn from professors and professionals who have worked for top television news networks, newspapers and magazines, have been executive board members of nationally recognized organizations, and winners of Pulitzer Prize, Emmy and Academy Awards. This allows professors to bring theory and practice to students by taking the classroom into the world and ultimately setting them up for their careers. Our diverse faculty encourages and supports creative freedom and innovation from students.

As a student at the University of Miami SoC, you will be immersed in a global mix of cultures, media, technology and entertainment. The communication industry is changing and the SoC believes that we must embrace new technologies. The SoC has approximately 85,000 square feet of digital smart learning space and resources. Students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment used in the industry and participate in “real world” projects. They have access to the most technologically advanced tools and facilities such as:

  • 2 HD broadcast studios

  • 40’ x 40’ film studio

  • 2 broadcast control rooms

  • 28 smart classrooms

  • Cosford Cinema with 4K and 35 mm projection

  • Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center

  • Equipment checkout center

  • Digital editing suites

  • Post-production suites

  • Emerging media lab

  • Sound editing & foley rooms

  • MacOS/Windows computer labs

  • State-of-the-art research center

  • Virtual reality lab

  • UX lab

Given this strong network of support and training, SoC students have won numerous regional and national awards in categories ranging from news reporting to web design. Upon graduation, students will have received not only a strong classroom foundation but real hands-on skills and training in their field.


The School of Communication’s mission is to prepare forward-thinking, analytical, and responsible communication professionals for success in a global society. The school is committed to quality undergraduate and graduate programs in communication that emphasize the relationship between theory and practice. We believe in freedom of expression and creativity and encourage both collaboration and independent thinking as we prepare future scholars, professionals, and leaders for a lifetime of service and learning.