Our School of Communication

The study and practice of communication is foundational to every human endeavor, with relevance to a variety of academic subjects and professional practices. This is particularly pertinent now, in our networked, global information environment of the 21st century. Studying communication within our School of Communication offers a valuable path toward gaining essential and relevant expertise, through a combination of rigorous coursework and inspiring experiences. We offer ten undergraduate and seven graduate degrees, and host cutting-edge film and media production facilities, broadcast studios, smart classrooms, and computer labs.

The breadth and depth of our curricula is matched by that of our renowned faculty, who bring a wealth of professional and scholarly experience in areas such as cinematic arts, communication studies, interactive media, journalism and media management, and strategic communication. The Center for Communication, Culture & Change exemplifies how we leverage our talent for social change.

Our School of Communication combines academic excellence with contemporary relevance and global impact. As a global city, Miami serves as an exciting base for our programs, with connected campuses and programs around the world to enrich the educational experience. We celebrate and appreciate diversity within our community, integral to our perspectives, our purpose, and our potential.

Understanding the significance of communication in our society, we aim to educate and inspire, through a culture of civility, building from diverse perspectives. Our vision engages academic and outreach programs that strengthen the credibility of media, creativity in production and research, with clarity and civility through communication.