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Communication for Global Social Change, M.A.

Graduate Program

About the Program

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For students seeking a strong foundation in communication for social change and global communication, this program is ideal. This M.A. focuses on the theory and research of critical communication and social change within global contexts.

Students take core courses grounded in scholarship and research methods that equip them to critique and construct communication interventions designed for the benefit of people and communities, local and global. A wide range of elective offerings span categories such as social change, global and intercultural contexts, contemporary social issues, and research skills relevant to contemporary social issues such as public health, climate change, immigration, and social justice. Research skills contribute to our analyses of these concerns, as well as our abilities to resolve them.

As a global city, Miami serves as a dynamic and diverse base for this program. The University of Miami has connected campuses and programs around the world to enrich your educational experience. This exciting community offers diversity that is integral to our perspectives, our purpose, and our potential. 

What can you do with this degree? 

Graduates with an M.A. in Communication for Global Social Change will be prepared to go on to: 

  • Hold leadership positions in agencies and organizations working in social change, globally and in the United States

  • Assume positions relevant to the design and assessment of communication interventions

  • Graduate education toward a Ph.D. that advances global social change.

Students in this program may take advantage of:

Required Courses:

COM 621 Research Design and Proposal Writing
COM 622 Communication and Social Change
COM 623 Global Communication
COS 645 Intercultural Communication: International Perspectives

One Elective in each of the following four categories:

Contemporary Social Issues
Communication and Social Change Scholarship
Research Methods
Global and Intercultural Communication Contexts

The School of Communication hosts a series of programs and activities through the Global Engagement Initiative. This initiative promotes global social justice research, creative activity, and pedagogy.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Sallie Hughes, Professor, Journalism
Laura Kohn-Wood, Dean, School of Education and Human Development
Imelda Moise, Associate Professor, Geography, College of Arts and Sciences
Jyotika Ramaprasad, Professor, Journalism
Walter Secada, Professor, Teaching and Learning, School of Education and Human Development
Michelle Seelig, Professor, Interactive Media
Karin Wilkins, Dean, School of Communication
Kallia Wright, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

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A few of our Global Social Change projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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