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Groundbreaking Situation Comedy Leaves its Imprint

By: Mitchell Shapiro A professor in the School of Communication, and an expert on the history of television sitcoms, writes about the 50th anniversary of “All in the Family.” Television changed forever on Jan. 12, 1971, with the debut of Norman Lear's groundbreaking series, “All in the Family.” Viewers had never been introduced to a character like Archie Bunker, whose ethnic slurs and Neanderthal social viewpoints might have been commonplace in the blue collar, white male dominated taverns of the Queens (New York) neighborhood where the series was set. However, [...]

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Distraction Magazine and the Ibis Yearbook Garner Top Honors

By: Barbara Gutierrez The student media outlets were recognized nationally by the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association. Distraction Magazine and the Ibis Yearbook walked off with top honors from the College Media Association and Associated Collegiate Press (ACP): Magazine of the Year and three Pacemakers. All of these honors are considered a top recognition for the college press groups. Distraction Magazine, for the 2019-2020 academic year, was named the college Four-Year Feature Magazine of the Year by the College Media Association. This is the first time the magazine [...]

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Special Topics for Spring 2021 Announced

Listed below are the special topics courses offered during spring 2021 at the School of Communication. Please consult CaneLink, the instructor of record, and/or your adviser for more information. CCA – Special Topics in Cinematic Arts CCA 394 section GJ – Film History Seminar: This course offers an opportunity to explore world cinema in depth, closely looking at three significant cinematic movements or schools in relation to their diverse historical, social, cultural and political contexts. This spring will focus on Italian Neo-Realism, the French New Wave, and classical Hollywood cinema. CCA [...]

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The Power of Brand Advocacy in the Streaming Business

By: Raul Cruz Michael Fernández, vice president of marketing for V-Me Media, spoke over Zoom with the members of the Media Management Association about the importance of branding strategy in the increasingly competitive streaming space. Simply stated, branding refers to a company's ability to create a unique identity for a product or service in the mind of the consumer. Fernández held previous positions with Viacom International Media Networks as senior manager in advertising and brand solutions for the Latin American market and with Sony Pictures Television as marketing manager in [...]

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Internet’s Immediacy Gives Political Advertising a Boost

By: Barbara Gutierrez Social media and microtargeting have changed the name of the game for modern campaigns, University of Miami experts say. In 1988, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis was running against George H. W. Bush and leading in the polls. Dukakis was against the death penalty and for weekend furlough programs for prisoners. Bush was against both. The Bush campaign ran a television ad using the case of Willie Horton, a Black prisoner who, while on a weekend furlough, raped a woman and stabbed her boyfriend. Dukakis lost the election. [...]

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UM Professor Awarded Fellowship, Plans Special Art Project

By: Jabria Roscoe Ali Habashi, award winning documentary filmmaker and assistant professor of professional practice for the Department of Cinematic Arts, is a recipient of the University of Miami Fellowship in the Arts and Humanities for 2020. This highly selective award strives to support and fund the startup of new artistic projects, advance already existing ones, and enhance University of Miami’s reputation for scholarly and creative excellence. This fiscal year, 12 Fellowships in the Arts and Humanities were awarded. “I’m humbled to be trusted by the selection committee to carry [...]

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Opinion: Vice-Presidential Debate Expected to Draw a Big Audience

By: David L. Steinberg and Patrick E. Waldinger The University of Miami debate team coaches note that the age of the presidential candidates, President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and the uncertainty of 2020 are elevating the vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. In the wake of last week’s “Presidential Debate Debacle” and the shocking news that President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19, Wednesday night’s event may be a rare vice-presidential debate that gets a substantial audience. With the real possibility the last two presidential debates will be [...]

Two Students Awarded Public Relations Scholarships

By: Ashley A. Williams Tayana Dix and Camille Devincenti, from the University of Miami, were among South Florida university students honored at the recent Public Relations Society of America Miami chapter’s 2020 awards ceremony, hosted by Local 10 news anchor Louis Aguirre. The Miami chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) presented Tayana Dix and Camille Devincenti, two University of Miami students, with scholarships at their 33rd Annual Ev Clay/PRSA Miami Endowment Fund awards. Dix and Devincenti, both School of Communication students, were presented with the scholarships on [...]

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Lecture Explores the Media’s Role in an Election Year

By: News@TheU Prominent alumni in the media will offer insights into their work during the Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series’ virtual talk on Thursday, Oct. 8. The media has a profound effect on public opinion in an election year. They also have a great responsibility. Whether reporting on candidates and campaigns, providing a platform for debate and discussion, or educating voters, the media is a critical player during an election year. The Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series will bring together notable University of Miami alumni on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. [...]

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From UM to Sony Music Entertainment: Alumna Shares Her Path to Success

By: Micaela Wenger On Sept. 21, 2020, Michelle Ben-Reuven, a 2015 undergraduate Media Management alumna, shared her insights about her professional journey with the members of the Media Management Association. She chose the University of Miami because she did not want to go too far from home for college. After graduating from UM, she went down many different career paths until she found herself at Sony Music Entertainment. It was only after her internship with Capitol Records that she knew she wanted to work in the music business. Ben-Reuven was [...]

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