2023 Awards

August 2023 2023 SPJ Sunshine State Awards https://mcusercontent.com/65966baee6bbf01016d410366/files/3d8645b8-c678-9bb3-dca6-11fcacd868a5/2023_Sunshine_State_Awards_Winners_FINAL.pdf Best Student Publication First Place: Distraction – Staff, Distraction Best Website First Place: The Miami Hurricane – Nicey Raiyani & Staff, The Miami Hurricane Website Third Place: Distraction – Staff, Distraction Breaking News Third Place: The Miami Hurricane – Patrick McCaslin, Drugging allegations, misogynistic chanting: SigEp chapter closes immediately Best News Photo First Place: The Miami Hurricane – Alexandra Carnochan, President Julio Frenk giving State of the U address Best Review First Place: The Miami Hurricane – Lauren Ferrer, “The Three [...]