Microgames Addressing eHealth Literacy & Resilience: A Responsive mHealth Resource

Please join us for our next Cafecito and Conversation with Victoria Orrego, Ph.D., as she presents a culturally tailored microgame intervention for Latinx people living with HIV that she and colleagues developed to support the acquisition of critical media skills and facilitate resilient coping strategies. Formative results from community partners led to the development of three microgame module prototypes, called “Latinos Unidos.” The pilot intervention actively engages Latinx patients in healthcare decision-making and continued access to treatment. Findings indicate the microgame demonstrates preliminary acceptability and feasibility among the Miami Latinx [...]

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School of Communication to Host Panel on Gender Equality and Reproductive Health

To this day, women globally are subjected to forms of control over their bodies and, in particular, their ability to exercise their reproductive rights is still constrained. Amid a rise of challenges to the advancement of women’s rights, including the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States, sexual and reproductive health rights are at the forefront of conversations about the advancement of gender equality. To address these issues, the University of Miami School of Communication is hosting a panel titled “How Women and Health NGOs Use Communications [...]

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Instructor Uses Video Games to Promote Social Change

By Barbara Gutierrez School of Communication associate professor Lindsay Grace creates video games that will challenge people’s perceptions and biases, one player at a time. Students enrolled in School of Communication associate professor Lindsay Grace’s classes spend a great deal of time playing video games. Also the Knight Chair in Interactive Media, Grace is a kind of celebrity in the video game world. He creates games to promote social change, and that is what he teaches in his classes. Through his work, both at the University of Miami and outside [...]

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Inaugural Shorts Miami International Film Festival Coming to the Bill Cosford Cinema

The internationally recognized University of Miami School of Communication announces its inaugural Shorts Miami International Film Festival, to be held Feb. 3-5 at the Bill Cosford Cinema in Coral Gables. The festival seeks to showcase emerging and established filmmakers in a competition that aims to promote excellence in short form narrative and documentary filmmaking. Monetary awards of $500 will be given to the best jury-selected U.S. or international short film (20 minutes or less) in each of the following competitions: Narrative and Documentary. A $500 Best of the Festival cash-award [...]

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Cinematic Arts Students Make a Movie in China

By: Karina Valdes When cinematic arts students were faced with challenges that could have prevented them from making a film, they adapted and used technology to connect globally and created their own opportunity. “What if we made a film in China?” Ali Habashi, assistant professor of professional practice, asked the students in his fall 2020 CCA 351 class, Intermediate Filmmaking, through Zoom. Habashi had 18 students in his online filmmaking class, with two students unable to leave China because of the travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19. In a [...]

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Cubanos for Trump, Cubanos for Biden

School of Communication collaboration explores how diverse Latinx identities and experiences shape political participation Researchers at the University of Miami, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and the University of Arizona are conducting a study on voter influences and trends within the Latinx community during the 2020-21 US presidential election and transfer of power. The team, led by Associate Professor Sallie Hughes, aims to determine what role communication played in motivating Latinx voters to support either incumbent Republican President Donald Trump or Democratic Presidential Nominee Joseph Biden. “The main objective of this [...]

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GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT: Beyond Study Abroad

At the School of Communication, Global Engagement is about study abroad, but also so much more. Dean Karin Wilkins named the Global Engagement Task Force (GET) in 2020 with the goal of creating an inventory of all globally focused activities undertaken by faculty and students at the School of Communication. Aligned with the University of Miami’s Roadmap for Our New Century, the inventory surfaced the diverse ways in which the School engages with the global community. One thing that became clear through this exercise that global engagement does not necessarily entail [...]

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Global classrooms spur thought-provoking discourse

The Hemispheric University Consortium is connecting universities and students for critical conversations focused on solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as climate change. Imagine a classroom where students from different institutions in Miami, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil come together through a virtual platform to learn about a specific issue, such as climate change or access to health care. A place where students with different backgrounds and cultures can work together to analyze the complexity of these topics on a local and global level, have in-depth discussions [...]

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