Debate Team Hosts First Miami Oceans Debates

By Barbara Gutierrez The tournament brought 14 schools and colleges to the University of Miami to engage in a verbal exchange about the pros and cons of aquaculture. Capitalizing on Miami’s unique proximity to the ocean and its vulnerability to the effects of climate change, the University of Miami Debate Team hosted its first Miami Oceans Debates during the weekend of April 22-23 to discuss if “Accelerated Open Ocean Aquaculture Would Be Desirable.” “We were interested in a topic about the ocean because we live here,” said David Steinberg, associate [...]

UChat: Title IX, Double Standards, Sexual Assault Awareness

The UM Debate Team hosts our next UChat which is open to the entire UM community! Come engage in discourse and learn about the topics of Title IX, double standards, and sexual assault awareness. This UChat is taking place at the School of Communication in Wolfson 4026.

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UChat: The Relevance of the Royal Family

The University of Miami Debate Team welcomes all members of the UM community to our first UChat discussion of the year. Following the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we've seen increased discourse surrounding the past and current legacy of the British Monarchy, and we want to hear what the UM community thinks. No prior debate experience is necessary and all opinions are welcome! The event will be taking place on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 5-6 p.m. in the Shalala Student Center, Iron Arrow Room 300. We hope [...]

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University of Miami Debate Team Wins Second ACC Championship

By Barbara Gutierrez Delphine Djomo and Iman Sami made up the team that defeated Wake Forest University in a virtual debate, bringing the trophy to Coral Gables. Besides winning the top spot as a duo, Djomo and Sami were each recognized as the top two individual debaters of the competition. For more than a year, University of Miami debaters Delphine Djomo and Iman Sami spent hours researching journals, scholarly magazines, and reams of documents to master topics for their upcoming debates. Inside the School of Communication debate room, they often [...]

Duo Places Among Top 10 in Debate Competition

By Barbara Gutierrez Students Iman Sami and Delphine Djomo represented the University of Miami in the Social Justice Debates, held at Morehouse College in Atlanta, that centered on the merits of desegregating schools. At a time in which social justice issues are being discussed in many spheres of our society, two University of Miami students have distinguished themselves by placing in the top 10 on a debate devoted to an applicable topic. Iman Sami and Delphine Djomo, students on the University debate team, represented the University of Miami in the [...]

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Hurricane Debaters Continue Winning Ways

By David Steinberg & Patrick Waldinger On November 5-8, the University of Miami Debate Team traveled to The University of Vermont in Burlington to compete in the Fall Championship of the Social Justice Debates. This was the first face to face competition for the UM Team since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down travel in March of 2020. The team of Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo and Iman Sami won three of their four preliminary debates on the topic, “The adoption of a mandatory racial desegregation policy for K-12 public schools is [...]

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UM Debate Team Wins Two Championships

On the weekend of October 22-24, the University of Miami Debate team competed in and won two online debate tournaments. The UM Debate Intercollegiate Debate Program, unlike most college debate programs, competes in multiple debate formats. U Debate is a broad-based program open to all undergraduate students, offering a variety of debate styles and welcoming student debaters of all experience levels. Competing in the policy tournament hosted by Wayne State University, UM debaters Mollie Blank and Leah Castaneda won the event’s Novice Championship by winning the judges’ decisions in all [...]

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UM Debaters Advance to Semifinal Round at the Social Justice Debates Fall Opener

On Oct. 21, University of Miami debaters Delphine Djomo and Iman Sami advanced into the semifinal debates at the Social Justice Debates Fall Opener, hosted online by The George Washington University. The two debaters qualified for the semifinals in impressive fashion, winning all four of their preliminary debates against outstanding competition including The University of Vermont, Morehouse College, Howard University, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and The George Washington University, among others. In semifinals, the debating duo lost the decision to the eventual tournament champions from Cal Poly, San Luis [...]

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University of Miami Advances into Social Justice Debates Finals

On Feb. 19-21, the University of Miami Debate Team competed in the championship tournament of the 2020-2021 Social Justice Debates advancing to the final round. The Social Justice Debates aspire to promote productive and rigorous debates, challenging current and future thought leaders to consider issues of justice in relation to the distribution of wealth, opportunity, and privilege in U.S. society. Debating the issue of Defunding Police and Abolishing Policing, UM student debaters Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo and Micah Council advanced into the final round of competition, finishing the tournament in [...]

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