Changes in the Advertising Sales Environment

By Melissa Mendez On March 15, Brian Norris, senior vice president of Ad Sales and Direct To Scale & Commerce Partnerships from NBCUniversal (NBCU), spoke to the members of the Media Management Association over Zoom to discuss the evolution of advertising sales throughout his career. Before joining NBCUniversal, Norris worked at Lifetime Television, Viacom, and Dish Network in advertising and media sales. During his last three years at NBCU, he has led the first direct-to-consumer sales team, which was designed to enable brands to scale from social platforms to ones [...]

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Internet’s Immediacy Gives Political Advertising a Boost

By: Barbara Gutierrez Social media and microtargeting have changed the name of the game for modern campaigns, University of Miami experts say. In 1988, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis was running against George H. W. Bush and leading in the polls. Dukakis was against the death penalty and for weekend furlough programs for prisoners. Bush was against both. The Bush campaign ran a television ad using the case of Willie Horton, a Black prisoner who, while on a weekend furlough, raped a woman and stabbed her boyfriend. Dukakis lost the election. [...]

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