The School of Communication Los Angeles Program provides selected seniors and junior students from the School of Communication at the University of Miami the opportunity to gain professional experience in their chosen fields through a 14-week internship while taking industry-related courses. The program allows students to experience and integrate themselves into the Los Angeles film and television industry while providing immersion into the culture of the city.

Students will be assisted in obtaining internships, and courses will be taught by Los Angeles based faculty and industry professionals.

  • Complete 15 credits (course credits can count towards required courses in your major)

  • Supervised by School of Communication faculty

  • 14 weeks in Los Angeles 

  • Undergraduate junior or senior students

  • All School of Communication Majors and Minors are eligible to apply

  • Taught by professionals in Los Angeles

  • A residential experience nestled inside the commercial studio city of Burbank

  • Limited to 25 students

  • 6 credit internship, with placement assistance and close guidance by School of Communication faculty


JMM 592 International Media (3)
This course concerns itself with numerous aspects regarding the production, distribution, and exhibition of American motion pictures, television and music in the international market. Beginning with an historical overview of Hollywood’s efforts to control, even monopolize the world-wide media industry, the course will cover how this market has rapidly evolved over the last twenty years with the advent of digital media. Students will analyze Hollywood’s increasing tendency to co-finance media production through international production deals, as well as through distribution packages, both analog and digital. Students will learn to appreciate the complexity of international distribution rights for films and television programs.

CCA 494 Behind the Studio Walls (3)
This course is designed to give both a broad overview and specific insight to the wide array of professions, jobs, trades, and crafts that make up the Hollywood entertainment business. Built around weekly guest speakers, course gives students an “insider’s point of view” into almost every facet of the industry. From agents, lawyers and managers to creative executives and producers and writers, directors, and cinematographers, to editors, line producers, VFX supervisors and marketing executives, the goal is not only for the student to have a foundational understanding of how various aspects of the modern business functions as a whole, but to provide each student a chance to gain a more detailed understanding of those specific areas that interest them professionally.

JMM 592 Hollywood Primer: Business and Regulatory Aspects of the Industry (3)
This course examines the economic and regulatory aspects of traditional and new media industries in Hollywood and beyond. Historical, financial, technological, and regulatory issues related to the production and distribution of content on different media platforms will be also discussed from a comparative perspective.

JMM 495 Professional Development within Communication Industries (3)
The course offers an academic component to the student’s Los Angeles internship experience. This is an opportunity to learn from your peers who might be in other communications fields. Through research, written assignments and class interaction, students will gain a greater understanding of their own professional strengths and goals in the context of the entertainment industry. Students will develop a professional plan for the post-internship world and critically understand the semester’s experience in a cultural, historical and economic way.

CCA 469 Internship Experience (3)
Three credits of internship experience in a professional setting overseen by a faculty advisor. Students will identify and pursue opportunities based on growth potential and advancing professional goals.

Important Dates

Spring 2024 –
There are two deadlines, an early round in May and a second round in September:

  • October 6, 2023: Application and $1,000 Deposit Due

  • October 10, 2023: Notification of Acceptance

  • October 20, 2023: Student Deadline for Commitment and Remaining Program Fees Due ($2,000 FOR ALL STUDENTS)

Click here to download the financial scholarship application.

To pay the deposit, select the Pay Deposit button at the bottom of this page and select “Semester in LA Deposit” in the payment category field. Follow the instructions to submit the payment.


Students reside together at Avalon Burbank, part of AvalonBay Communities, a national company providing apartment rentals, short-term housing, and student residential space. The eco-friendly community includes amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and barbecue area. At Avalon Burbank, students have easy access to parks, banks, restaurants, and entertainment.

The newly renovated living space comes fully furnished along with bedding, housewares, and parking all included in the monthly fee. The apartment complex has a private security team on site. A residential assistant employed by the University of Miami lives on site with students and is available on call.

Avalon Burbank is located in Burbank in close proximity to Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Disney Studios, ABC, NBC, and over 100 film and television companies.

For more info, visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Info

Faculty Advisors

Christina Lane
Cinematic Arts
Phone: (305) 284-3657

Ana Francois
Journalism & Media Management
Phone: (305) 284-5201

Estimated Costs

Program Fee: $3,000
Housing: $7,500 and $11,550 (for shared and single bedroom, respectively)
Meals: $1,750
Airfare: $600
Transportation: Varies*
Tuition: May Vary. Students should calculate for tuition based on 15 credits.

*Students are strongly encouraged to have a car while in Los Angeles, for the purposes of commuting to and from their internship.