Interactive Media, B.S.C.

Undergraduate Program

About the Program

Research, analyze, prototype, and design.

The B.S.C. degree in Interactive Media focuses on digital product design, with an emphasis on interaction design.

The degree equips students with the tools to not just use technology but to understand it, modify it, and create it. The Interactive Media B.S.C. major is also considered a STEM qualified program.

This major is an opportunity for designers, artists, programmers, filmmakers, scientists, and others to explore digital expression. The curriculum engages students with the essential technical skills and expertise in designing, researching, and prototyping, concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts while incorporating rich interaction to create impactful experiences in our everyday lives. Students are encouraged to be curious, imaginative, and out-of-the-box thinkers and to experiment with innovative approaches to solving human problems using computational power.

Students will also pursue rigorous study in a cross-disciplinary set of interests emphasizing clear expression through research, writing, and speech that will prepare them for a career in any creative field –– developers, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and scholars.

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Web Lab

This course is a practical introduction to web design and marketing. Students will learn how to produce and market dynamic websites using modern content management systems.

Intro to Creative Coding

This course will introduce students to the building blocks of creative coding within the visual and media environment.

Physical Computing

This seminar will examine the differences and opportunities present, between a series of physical computing techniques and rapid prototyping.

Introduction to Game Design

This is an introductory course about game design, theory, and development, and how games align themselves as a lens of study for all interactive media.

360 Immersive Storytelling

This course introduces the student to immersive storytelling techniques. This hands on course is designed for students who want to develop the necessary skills to make immersive projects, this course sets out the tools used tell visually effective and interactive stories.

Mobile Application Development

This course will provide students the ability to conceptualize, design, and develop a mobile application of their choosing.

UX Research Methods

This course provides a comprehensive overview of User Experience research methods and how they are incorporated into the product development lifecycle. Students will learn about user-centered design and will conduct a wide range of research methods including ethnography, questionnaires, online studies, and usability testing.

Visual Design

This course is an introduction to the principles of design, typography, color theory, usability and interactivity as they apply to the layout and design of content for print and digital media.

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Showcase Your Talents

Students studying Interactive Media at the School of Communication have endless opportunities to showcase their talents to the world. From design competitions to creating virtual worlds to showcase at conferences, the avenues of experience are endless.

Featured Projects

A few of our interactive media projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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