Running into S. Molly Dominick is guaranteed to leave you with a laugh, or at the very least a smile. The Illinois native’s decision to study at the University of Miami was reinforced by the School of Communication’s stellar studios and highly-ranked programs, which solidified her decision to pursue a career in comedy. Dominick will be graduating with a major in broadcast journalism and minor in interactive media.

From an early age, Dominick found herself injecting humor into her work.

“In high school, I was in radio-speaking competitions and I’d try to slip in jokes,” said Dominick.

Throughout her collegiate career, the comedian’s passion and talent flourished.

“I’m very grateful to the University of Miami and UMTV because they gave me the freedom to explore comedy and realize what I really want do,” said Dominick. “Really, where I felt like I blossomed and found my own was on Off the Wire, UM’s TV comedy show, which let me explore sketch comedy and find my own voice.”

Dominick, who is Off the Wire’s second-ever female host, had the opportunity to interview several celebrities at press junkets, including David Oyelowo from Selma and the cast of Everybody Wants Some. Relations with Off the Wire alumni have catapulted her into the comedy business as well.

Former Off the Wire executive producer and host, Paul Napoli, assisted Dominick in landing an internship with Billy on the Street, truTV’s hit pop culture game show. The show follows comedian Billy Eichner as he darts through New York, testing unsuspecting passerby.

“It was like we were his ducklings. Billy would be in the front with his cameraman as we trailed behind him in the street – it was really fun,” said Dominick. While in New York, another Off the Wire alumnus, Grant Harris, introduced Dominick to New York’s improv comedy scene. The two acted in a 10-minute original play called Waiting for Bardot.

So, where to next? Dominick’s next conquest is heading to New York City or Chicago to take the comedy world by storm.