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Watching Movies with Mitch Kaplan: ‘Days Of Heaven’ (1978)

Join Books & Books founder Mitchell Kaplan and Bill Cosford Cinema manager Rene Rodriguez for a screening and Q&A discussion of Terrence Malick’s Oscar-winning 1978 drama “Days of Heaven.” Miami Beach native, Mitchell Kaplan, opened the first Books & Books in 1982 in Coral Gables, Florida. Now with five South Florida locations, Books & Books hosts over 400 events per year. In addition, two of the stores are home to well-established cafes and there are Books & Books affiliated stores at the Miami International Airport, and in Key West, where [...]

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MMA Meeting: The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

By Rachel Schlow For its first in-person meeting in three years, the Media Management Association (MMA) welcomed Anthony Santana, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Hardcore Advertising, to discuss the evolution of social media marketing in the United States. Hardcore Advertising is a local full-service advertising agency that offers numerous services ranging from social media strategy to website creation. Born and raised in Miami, Santana has more than 15 years of experience in both media and marketing industries. He earned his M.B.A. degree in International Business from Florida International University. [...]

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The Human Renascence in the Era of Robots: Alberto Levy

As we watch incredible advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, machines get smarter and stronger every day. Some say robots will take everyone’s jobs and we are doomed to live under harsh circumstances, but the reality is that humans are needed more than ever, and this is an opportunity for a “Human Renascence.” Why not allow machines to do what they do better and further develop our human skills? Critical thinking, creativity, negotiation, emotional intelligence, and love cannot be developed by machines as humans do, yet those skills are fundamental [...]

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Watching Movies with Nadege Green: FRIDAY (1995)

Join Nadege Green and Bill Cosford Cinema manager Rene Rodriguez for a *free* screening and discussion of the 1995 comedy "Friday." Nadege Green is a writer, researcher, and audio producer. She is the founder and leader of Black Miami-Dade, an emerging online digital platform that resists the erasure of Miami-Dade’s Black past. She is also the editor of the final installment in “The Miami Trilogy,” a three-book project exploring contemporary Miami. This final edition will center on community narratives around gun violence in Miami-Dade including essays, poems, photos, and illustrations [...]

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Steve Sadicario, Partner and Agent at United Talent Agency

Visit Wolfson 1008C, Studio C, to learn about the news business from Steve Sadicario, one of the top agents in broadcasting who also worked as a vice president at ABC News. Please send an email to Professor Antonio Mora at if you're attending.

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NY Mets Pre and Post-Game Live Host to Speak to SoC Students Interested in Sports Broadcasting

Gary Apple, host of Mets Pre and Post-Game Live for SNY, will speak to School of Communication students interested in sports broadcasting during Professor Antonio Mora's class in Studio C, 1008C. Visit to learn more about Apple.

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MMA Meeting: “The Sports Industry is the Intersection Between Law and Business”

By Andrea Tarrab In Oct. 2022, Ivan Parron joined the members of the Media Management Association on Zoom to discuss current issues in sports media law. Born in Miami and raised in a family of Cuban immigrants, he shared with members anecdotes about growing up in his household, his upbringing, and what led him to cultivate a great work ethic. Parron acknowledged that he was already interested in television technology at an early age. As part of his 25-year professional career, Parron worked in TV sales for Paxson Broadcasting, founded [...]

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