Workplace Harassment Seminar

Join Professors Heidi Carr, Ana François, and Betsy Mateu for a workplace harassment seminar geared toward interns and future-interns. Learn about internships for credit and what to do if you're made to feel uncomfortable on the job. Maria Sevilla, Title IX specialist at UM, will be sharing her expertise on gender equality and handling harassment.

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Debate Team UChat – The Issue of Partisanship

The University of Miami Debate Team welcomes all members of the UM community to our second UChat discussion of the year. In recent years, the United States has seen a steep increase in partisanship and distrust between political parties, which has led to gridlock and inaction on impertinent issues in the community, and we want to hear what the UM community thinks about how to solve it! No prior debate experience is necessary and all opinions are welcome! The event will be taking place on Thursday, October 25th, 2022 from [...]

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Cosford Cinema to Premiere Docuseries Exploring Art in the World of NFTs

By Jenny Hudak The first installment in the short documentary series “What Would Fado Do with Non-Fungible Tokens” highlights artists, curators, entrepreneurs, and government officials at the forefront of the intersection of fine art and NFTs. In an emerging online landscape, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have paved new paths for artists as a means of creation and distribution. The digital opportunities are now seemingly endless. In “What Would Fado Do with Non-Fungible Tokens,” a documentary series by Miami-based artist Gabriel “GG” Gimenez, filmmakers explore the intersection of fine art and the [...]

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Lecture Explores the Media’s Role in an Election Year

By: News@TheU Prominent alumni in the media will offer insights into their work during the Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series’ virtual talk on Thursday, Oct. 8. The media has a profound effect on public opinion in an election year. They also have a great responsibility. Whether reporting on candidates and campaigns, providing a platform for debate and discussion, or educating voters, the media is a critical player during an election year. The Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series will bring together notable University of Miami alumni on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. [...]

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Experts Discuss Gender Bias and Ways to Improve Media

By: Karina Valdes Recently, the University of Miami School of Communication presented the first installment of Celebrating Women Who Communicate. The School invited Hilarie Bass, UM Board of Trustees chair and founder and president of the Bass Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, and Congresswoman Donna Shalala, to speak about the problem of gender bias and ways to improve media and journalism. The event featured a screening of a documentary on acclaimed journalist Molly Ivins, Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins. In her opening remarks, School of Communication Dean Karin Wilkins, [...]

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Pixar Artist Motivates Students to Move ‘Onward’

By: Ashley Williams A one-hour, behind-the-scenes presentation hosted by the University of Miami School of Communication featured insights into Carlos Felipe Leon’s set design process, followed by a Q&A. Kianna Dorsey wants to pursue a career in film. To make that happen, the Maryland native is majoring in motion pictures at the University of Miami, making sure she’s soaking up all of the knowledge and taking advantage of all the opportunities. When Dorsey, a first-year student, got word that Pixar Animation Studios artist Carlos Felipe Leon would be speaking at [...]

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Shading Art Director from Pixar Animation Studios Coming to SoC

Carlos Felipe León, shading art director at Pixar Animation Studios will be at the University of Miami School of Communication on Feb. 27. León will be discussing his work on the animated movie Onward, as well as answering questions from students. “We are so excited to host Mr. Leon for this special Pixar program. There's no substitute for learning first-hand about how a film like Onward was designed and created. I know our students will learn a lot from his work as a visual storyteller and seeing examples from the [...]

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‘Sweet Malady’ Documentary Explores the Relationship Between Health and Culture

By: Karina Valdes In Sanjeev Chatterjee’s latest documentary, Sweet Malady, the filmmaker explores the cultural relationship people of Kolkata, India have with sweets and the increasing incidence of Type II Diabetes in the city. The documentary premiered on Feb. 12 at the University of Miami School of Communication and was followed by a panel of diabetes, public health, and film experts. “We’re talking about a health issue here tonight which, of course matters in terms of it being a singular issue, but [Chatterjee] is an expert at enabling us to [...]

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Celebrating Women who Communicate

In recognition of our interest in gender equity and social justice, the University of Miami School of Communication offers an inaugural event “Celebrating Women who Communicate” with a screening of Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins. The evening includes special guests Hilarie Bass, UM Board of Trustees chair and founder and president of the Bass Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, and Congresswoman Donna Shalala, sharing their insightful perspectives on gender bias and active civic engagement. “Gender bias in media limits our potential to act in ways beyond stereotyped [...]

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