In recognition of our interest in gender equity and social justice, the University of Miami School of Communication offers an inaugural event “Celebrating Women who Communicate” with a screening of Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins. The evening includes special guests Hilarie Bass, UM Board of Trustees chair and founder and president of the Bass Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, and Congresswoman Donna Shalala, sharing their insightful perspectives on gender bias and active civic engagement.

“Gender bias in media limits our potential to act in ways beyond stereotyped expectations. We may have been granted the right to vote a century ago, but we remain silenced and stalled.  Now is the time to project our voice and to control our narratives. The women we feature in this event, Molly Ivins, Donna Shalala, and Hilarie Bass, offer clear and inspirational challenges, to be heard and to transform our society,” said Karin Wilkins, dean of the School of Communication.

Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins tells the story of media firebrand Molly Ivins, six feet of Texas trouble who took on the Good Old Boy corruption wherever she found it. Her razor sharp wit left both sides of the aisle laughing, and craving ink in her columns. Knowing the Bill of Rights was in peril, she remarked that: “Polarizing people is a good way to win an election and a good way to wreck a country.” Molly’s words have proved prescient. Now it’s up to us to raise hell!

Our event Celebrating Women who Communicate takes place on February 18 at 6 p.m. at the Cosford Cinema. This event is open to the public. RSVP at