By: Sabrina Pizziol

University of Miami Strategic Communication students received an impressive 35 awards at this year’s American Advertising Federation of Miami ADDY Awards. This is a record number of Miami ADDYs for the School, with 3 gold and 32 silver awards.

“For many years we have been working on building an award-winning advertising program,” said Sarai Nunez, assistant professor of professional practice. “It’s amazing to see it all coming to fruition, and each year we keep on breaking our previous winning streak, so now it’s time to tackle bigger competitions.”

The AAFMiami ADDY Awards is the first part of the three-tier, national competition aiming to recognize the creative spirit of excellence in advertising. Projects that receive a gold ADDY are automatically entered in the District 4 competition, followed by the national award show at the AAF annual conference.

Last year, the SoC’s very own Chloe Glenn and Hayley Buchholz won ‘Best in Show,’ the top award given at the AAF Nationals, for Necessity, an innovative campaign that tackles menstruation issues and the social stigmas surrounding it.

Below is the full list of winners:


Google Safe Mode

by Amanda Prats & Caitlin Costa


by Casey Lue

Big Fun, Little Problems

by Gabrielle Dubilier



by Natalia Diaz, Isabella Ciardelli, Andrea Lustgarden


by Sophie Robbins

Google Light

By Cami Bresee & Leah Brown

Life & Liberty

by Amanda Prats & Caitlin Costa

Cook it

by Alain Katsman

Whooper Legal

by Annette Leonowens & Lauren Bruno


by Joelle Dunkely + Matthew Karas


by Emma Finn & Marina Faria

Google Sight

by Marina, Francesa & Mary Helen

Devil’s Brew

by Jessie Jones

Be Unreal 

by Sophie Robbins

Virgin Journey

by Natalia Diaz

@ yourkids

By Cami Bresee & Leah Brown


by Joelle Frank & Juan Gomez

No More Red

by Gabrielle Dubilier

Your Extra is my Everyday

by Annette Leonowens & Lauren Bruno

I’m Fine

by Cami Bresee

Where you Get Your News Matters

by Jenna Kurz

Netflix Lullabies

by Leah Brown

Modern Muse

by Rachel Rubi

The North Face – It’s Natural

by Hannah Sorensen & Camila Rocha

Your Extra is my Everyday (Copywriting)

by Annette Leonowens

Cheeky Paper Co (Illustrations)

by Chloe Glenn

BandAid – Protect What Matters (Magazine campaign)

by Dunya Bulut


by Annette Leonowens & Lauren Bruno

NTY – Facts Are Facts

By Nour David

VANS – For Everyone

by Sophie Robbins

Jenga – Bottoms Up

by Natalia Diaz

BandAid – Protect What Matters (Art Direction)

by Dunya Bulut

Make it Suck Less – Task Rabbit (Radio)

by Tim Donahue

VANS – Off the Wall

by Jessica Jones


by Lauren Maingot