Assistant Professor of Professional Practice


WCB 3020


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Sarai (pronounced Sara-ee) Nuñez (pronounced Nuh- yes) hails from the small Central American country of Honduras. She spent most of her childhood there before moving to Miami and calling it home.

Her undergraduate degree, as well as her Master degree brought her to the colder and unfamiliar climates of Boston, MA where she received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising (COM ’02) and a Master in Fine Arts in Graphic Design (CFA ’05) from Boston University. Her teaching philosophy focuses on strategically solving problems in a creative and innovative way. Her design courses attempt to bring ideas to life with passion and a discerning eye for aesthetics.

She has worked with clients such as Nissan, Six Flags, Sandals Resorts, P&G Beauty and many more. Her work has been displayed all over the country, from subway stops to the legendary billboards of Manhattan’s Times Square. Sarai knows how to give color and dimension to the ideas that drive conversations, engagement and Democracy. She is also currently the Director of Design Experience at YellowHouse Consulting where she works with various non-profits and political candidates.

A skilled photographer with a soft-spot for vintage cameras, and oversized wrist-watches, Sarai also brings a multilingual flair, a penchant for collecting KidRobot Toys and a love of Catalonian professional fútbol.

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