Project Description


Coffee drinkers tend to go for the easiest cup of Joe, choosing convenience over quality. They’re stereotypically energetic, only slowing down when traffic forces them to. They don’t think to slow down and really enjoy the little things, whether it’s the perfect Miami weather or the taste of their morning coffee. However, a cup of coffee at Pasión del Cielo is always worth savoring. Our target market needs a coffee shop that reminds them to take joy in experiencing their customized brew. A coffee shop that infuses each cup with a sense of culture. A coffee shop that forces them to slow down and enjoy the start of their day.


To make Pasión widely known amongst coffee-loving millennials, and to position Pasión in their minds as the most cultural, high quality, and customizable coffee shop in Miami.


Pasión has great flavors, innovative ideas and a great vision for their brand. The problem is that Pasión’s brand awareness and recognition is low. Instead of heading to Pasión for their morning cup, they drive through Starbucks or another large chain purely for the sake of convenience. Although Pasión is not as easy to get to as other competitors, their flavors and innovations are more than enough to bring consumers in. They just need to know where to go.


Pasión Del Cielo doesn’t want to be your average coffee shop. Instead, they encourage artistry and adventure when drinking their coffee. Pasión provides a truly one-of-a-kind coffee experience by offering 11 different beans, allowing consumers to try a variety of different flavors and experience different cultures. By expanding outreach via consumers’ favorite social platforms, news sources, and consumer focused promotions, people will see the passion that goes into Pasión’s coffee process.