Project Description

During Fall 2016, students enrolled in STC434 – Advertising Campaigns developed a full scale advertising campaign for Bobby’s Burger Palace.


Everyone is looking to awaken their taste buds and have a novelty experience when they dine. No one wants to have “conveyor belt” food or dining hall-quality meals, replicated over and over without any effort or character. When a burger tastes the same as every other restaurant’s, your diners won’t come back. So why not have a better one…from an Iron Chef? When Bobby Flay is behind a meal, he gives diners something more. His adventures become recipes, and his recipes become favorites. He will prepare a meal as unique as your taste, all you have to do is enjoy.


Having low brand recognition and lack of association with Bobby Flay, the restaurant is not positioned at the forefront of burger brands in consumers’ minds. Many of those who do know about the restaurant are still not aware of its association with Iron Chef Bobby Flay, while others are completely unaware of the brand at all, due to its out-of-sight mall locations and lack of previous marketing and advertising efforts.


Engage our target market with a restaurant that offers a unique, quality menu made from one of America’s favorite chefs. It’s Flay for All!


Bobby Flay is more than an Iron Chef- he’s an icon. He has built an empire with his friendly, yet competitive demeanor, putting his own personal twist on American food classics and building restaurant chains that scatter the U.S. coastline. You’ll know when Bobby’s the one doing the cooking, because it’s more than just food, it’s Flay. After talking to different customers, we discovered that the experience of dining is what keeps them coming back. They want to feel as if Flay himself is behind the grill. With the introduction of this rebranding, the idea of experiencing exceptional burger dining, once far-fetched because of its cost and lack of accessibility elsewhere, is now a possibility.