The University of Miami was named one of the top 50 film schools in the country by TheWrap Magazine. Jumping from number 38 in 2016 to number 27 in 2017, the motion pictures program was recognized for its immersive curriculum, experienced professors and successful alumni from the program and the University, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, Barry Waldman and David Nutter, Emmy-winning Game of Thrones director.

TheWrap Magazine’s second annual ranking was revealed in September. The magazine selects the top 50 programs based on alumni involvement, alumni professional success, award and festival recognition, and unique student experiences.

Dr. Christina Lane, chair for the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media and associate professor, credits this year’s jump to the University of Miami School of Communication’s unique curriculum that provides new ways for students, faculty, and alumni to engage with other filmmakers around the country.

One opportunity students have is the Semester in L.A. Program offered to juniors and seniors in the School of Communication. For 14 weeks, students gain professional experience in their chosen field though hands-on internships and industry related programs in Los Angeles. The program gives students the opportunity to integrate themselves into the L.A. film and TV industry, while also immersing themselves in one of the most elite cities for motion pictures graduates in the country.

“The Semester in L.A. Program has been a tremendous factor, providing new pathways for filmmakers to become engaged with our students, and boosting our visibility,” said Lane. 

Students of the program can also have their work screened in L.A. during The Los Angeles Showcase. Winners of the showcase meet with film and television industry professionals, who critique the students’ work and give them career advice.

Along with the unique opportunities offered by the program, Lane also credits the talented students, faculty, alumni, and staff, who have helped the program excel. The department offers students personal mentoring, flexibility, and a hands-on education, along with the freedom to explore a range of new technologies and ideas.