Professor Jeffrey Stern was nominated for his third Emmy in the category Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series as Dialogue Editor on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Stern has been with the show for all five seasons. 

As dialogue editor, he is responsible for editing everything that is recorded during production– and he is given only six days to edit all the recordings he is given.

“It’s definitely a sprint more than a marathon,” Stern said.

Being a professor and a dialogue editor for an Emmy-winning show are both time consuming careers. Stern said with a laugh that he juggles the two of them by sleeping a little less. According to Stern, the show runs for about three months at a time, driving him to constantly run back and forth between teaching and editing.

While the filming takes place in New York, Stern is able to work out of Miami for the most part.

“All of my material is already recorded, so all I really need is my computer,” Stern said.

The only time he has to be in New York are for parts of post-production that have to be done in a studio, like sound effects and the final mix process.

Gregory Shepherd, dean of the School of Communication, said that he is tremendously proud of Stern.

“While it’s nice as a colleague to bask in his reflected glory, it’s our students who receive the real benefit of Jeffrey’s excellence,” Shepherd said.  “Learning all about audio production from the best in the world is as good as it gets.”

Stern has worked on hundreds of movies including School of Rock, Silence of the Lambs and Chicago.