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SoC Faculty to Research Effect of Social Media on Healthy Behavior Choices

School of Communication faculty Jan Boehmer and Maria Scott are the most recent recipients of a Center for Communication, Culture and Change research award. The two faculty members from the Department of Journalism and Media Management and the Department of Strategic Communication, respectively, will collaborate to identify the processes that influence young people to make healthy behavior choices. Children and adolescents continue to make poor lifestyle decisions and Boehmer and Scott are hoping to find out why. “We want to build a bridge between sport and health communication - a connection that seems natural but is somewhat understudied," said [...]

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New Visiting Knight Chair Announced

Data analyst and visualization design specialist Lynn Cherny will be the next Visiting Knight Chair for the Center for Communication, Culture and Change. Beginning in August, Cherny will teach data visualization and data analysis and will help support Knight Chair in Visual Journalism Alberto Cairo launch the Data Visualization and Journalism track in the School of Communication's Interactive Media department. Before joining the University of Miami, Cherny worked as a user interface designer and consultant, spent 20 years as a corporate designer and manager at companies including TiVo and Adobe, and has had two books published, "Wired [...]

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One Water, UNDP and SIWI Partnering for a Documentary on Water and Sustainable Development

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) have partnered with One Water to develop a film on water and sustainable development. As UN's Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson says, "Water is a precondition for human existence." This documentary is a collaboration with Professors Sanjeev Chatterjee, Ed Talavera and Ali Habashi from the School of Communication's Cinema and Interactive Media Department. The full version will be completed for World Water Week taking place in Stockholm, Aug. 23-28, 2015. Click here to learn more about One Water.

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Cops and Rubbers

Professor Lien Tran makes games for social change, a fun and interactive way to raise awareness for global issues. On March 24, Tran invited students and professors to play a game called “Cops and Rubbers,” which teaches about condoms being used as contraband in countries like South Africa, Russia, and the U.S. In these countries, police use condoms as evidence that those carrying them are sex workers. This is a problem because it makes sex workers scared to carry around condoms, putting both them and their clients’ health at risk. [...]

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Brigadier General William Salamanca Presents on the Topic of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Director of Protection and Special Services for the Colombian National Police, Brigadier General William Salamanca, spoke at the University of Miami School of Communication’s Shoma Hall on April 2. His presentation “Prevention, Intervention, and Action: The Colombian National Police and the Security of Children” discussed Colombia’s efforts to stop and prevent abuse of its children. Salamanca shared the national police’s success working to ensure the protection of children, including a service started in 2006 that designated 5,000 specialized police to children’s safety and prevention of abuse, including violence, sexual abuse [...]

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Prevention, Intervention, and Action: The Colombian National Police and the Security of Children

Brigadier General William Salamanca, Director of Protection and Special Services (DIPRO) for the Colombian National Police (CNP), will visit the University of Miami School of Communication’s Shoma Hall on April 2 at 1 p.m. to present on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). His presentation, titled Prevention, Intervention, and Action: The Colombian National Police and the Security of Children will highlight CNP’s existing effort and the organization’s introduction of creative methods to tackle critical societal issues that affect the country’s most vulnerable – its children.  The presentation [...]

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Game to Reduce Indoor Tanning Use

School of Communication professors Soyoon Kim and Clay Ewing are recipients of the Center for Communication, Culture and Change's 2015 Research Award. Their project, which will focus on using an innovative digital game to reduce the use of indoor tanning among young adults, will assess the game's effectiveness on psychological and behavioral determinants of indoor tanning behavior. According to Professor Kim, “The period of young adulthood is a vulnerable one, and using indoor tanning facilities without realizing or downplaying its risk is one of many other consequential unhealthy choices that our target audience can [...]

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Examining Social Comparison Effects on Facebook

Research Award recipients Professors Cong Li and Nick Carcioppolo will soon begin work on their Center for Communication, Culture and Change project "Do Our Friends Make Us Feel Worse? Examining Social Comparison Effects on Facebook​," which will study the influence of social comparison on Facebook users’ emotions and life satisfaction through an experiment using perceived psychological closeness and perceived message relevance.  “Facebook users consume a large amount of information provided by their friends every day," said Professor Li.  "The most interesting part of this project is to demonstrate how such [...]

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Producer Stresses Media Experience

Flourish Klink is a writer, producer and self-proclaimed fangirl who is now working as a transmedia producer and writer for the Hulu original series “East Los High.” On Thursday, she spoke with students at the School of Communication about her work in the transmedia field, which she described as storytelling “across multiple delivery channels” where, ideally, “each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story.” “East Los High” was created with the motive of exploring the range of possible Latino characters stepping away from the traditional [...]

Invoking the Pause: Creating Games for the Caribbean Climate

Professor Lien Tran represented UM and the School of Communication in Barbados to organize a workshop exploring communication of climate risk using game systems. Thanks to funding from Invoking the Pause, the University of Miami’s School of Communication (UM), the IFRC Red Cross Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Reference Center (CADRIM), and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCCC), were able to partner together for the first time and to introduce an innovative approach to reaching climate risk stakeholders in the Caribbean in June. Professor Tran specializes in games designed [...]

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