I.M. M.F.A. Students Win Data Viz Awards

By: Isabella Vaccaro University of Miami students Alyssa Fowers and Deb Pang are pursuing their M.F.A.s in Interactive Media, but have already begun making their marks in the data visualization world. Both Fowers and Pang were finalists in the Information is Beautiful Awards and won Computation + Journalism awards for some of their projects done here at UM. But, what is data visualization? And how did these award-winning projects even come to be? Alberto Cairo, associate professor of infographics, data visualization, and data journalism in the School of Communication, said [...]

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UM Professor Wins Sigma Journalism Award

By: Jabria Roscoe Alberto Cairo, a world-renowned data journalist and associate professor, is the co-winner of a Sigma Journalism award for his work on the project Zones of Silence (ZOS). The project is a collaboration between Cairo, El Universal daily newspaper in Mexico, and the Google News Initiative. “It’s great news because the Sigma awards are quite prestigious,” said Cairo. “I feel happy not just for the award, but because the project and the work are being recognized.” The Sigma awards, formally known as the Data Journalism awards, is a [...]

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Interactive Media Program Graduates to its Own Department

By: Barbara Gutierrez Fueled by changes in communication and storytelling, the School of Communication’s Interactive Media Program will become its own department this fall. A website that lists the political protests in the U.S. by state, topic, and frequency. A digital reporting system that tracks incidents in nursing homes to aid health care providers. A colorful website with illustrations and linear graphs that dissect the poems of feminist poet Anne Sexton by showing the frequent use of certain words and the positive or negative bent of each poem. All these [...]

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‘Healer’ Wins Best of Show at ICIDS

By: Karina Valdes Healer, a historical battle video game created by Lindsay Grace, Knight Chair of Interactive Media and associate professor, was awarded Best of Show at the art exhibit at the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS). The game is a part of the games for change genre, where video game developers create games for social change. “I would do this work no matter what because it’s the right thing to do to help move the games for change medium forward and to help people. The recognition is [...]

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Games for Change Created by Students and Faculty

NERDLab at the University of Miami School of Communication is an incubator for projects that inspire and educate through innovation and fun. The last place one might expect to learn a life lesson or two from is a video game. But in the New Experience Research and Design Lab (NERDLab) at the University of Miami School of Communication, an accomplished pair of professors, Clay Ewing and Lien Tran, have been creating interactive social impact experiences including games that attempt to affect the learner’s perspective about a particular social issue. “Games [...]

Lindsay Grace Receives Games for Change Festival Vanguard Award

By: Karina Valdes Lindsay Grace, associate professor and Knight Chair in Interactive Media, is the recipient of this year’s Games for Change Festival Vanguard Award. The highly prestigious award recognizes the contributions of an individual to the field of play-based learning and advancing the Games for Change community. Games for change are digital games developed to highlight a multitude of global issues and to encourage social change. “Winning this award is an honor. I’m elated to be recognized for my work in the social impact space and to be listed among [...]

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Feeling Antiquity

Imagine looking at a piece of art in a museum and then suddenly being transported to its century of origin with just the switch of a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. Well, Lorena Lopez, a first-year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Interactive Media, has done just that, and right here at the Lowe too. Lopez, who completed her undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University and spent almost four years designing what she called “low-tech” interactives for the Miami Children’s Museum, knew she was meant for more. “I knew there [...]

Join Us: Interactive Media End of Year Show

Interactive Media students will be showcasing their cutting-edge work at the Interactive Media End of Year Show. The event provides the opportunity for students to share their creations with the public, while attendees experience the fun of interactive design. “There’s always a buzz around the event showcasing innovations and an exchange of ideas where students get to try projects worked on by their peers. It’s also a community event where family, friends, and faculty come together to have fun and see what students have been working on all semester,” said [...]

Graduate Interactive Media Program Named a Top Program for Game Design

The University of Miami maintained its coveted spot as a top school for game design in 2019. UM was recognized by The Princeton Review on its list honoring the Top 25 Graduate Programs for Game Design.  The School of Communication Interactive Media M.F.A. program placed No. 25 this year. This is the M.F.A. program’s fifth time on the list since the program’s creation in 2013. The list is based off of its 2018 survey of administrators at 150 institutions offering game design coursework and degrees in the United States, Canada, and [...]

SwampScapes Selected for Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

SwampScapes celebrates continued success in bringing much-needed attention to the vital importance of the endangered Florida Everglades. The 360º film is an official selection for the 2019 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the largest documentary festival in North America. University of Miami School of Communication Associate Professor Kim Grinfeder, former Visiting Knight Chair Liz Miller, and Miami-based filmmaker and artist Juan Carlos Zaldivar co-directed the swamp-conscious film. “We are pushing the film across many fronts and a festival like Hot Docs will helps us attract attention from educators and programmers who [...]

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