By Bianca De Paz

Allie Packard, a School of Communication Interactive Media M.F.A. graduate, recently accepted a User Experience Design Co-Op with Motorola Solutions, where she will be applying her skills on how to use video in multiple facets of public safety.

Through her graduate UX courses and as a UX research assistant in the University of Miami’s Interactive Media User Experience Lab (UX), Packard cultivated a passion for the process of design. There, she benefited from working alongside Barbara Millet, director of the UX Lab and assistant professor, who taught her the ins and outs of user experience.

“Professor Millet has been really instrumental in planning my way to advancing in UX,” said Packard.

Design has remained a constant in Packard’s life. Her interest was sparked in seventh grade when a graphic designer came to her class and taught her how to draw a logo with markers on a piece of paper with a t-shirt template.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in digital art & design, a minor in marketing, and a minor in web design & development from the University of Dubuque, she was planning on potentially becoming a graphic designer and later working toward UX.

As she began searching for jobs, the coronavirus pandemic hit. She then decided to look into UX programs offered in Miami, where she was moving to from Iowa. She came across the variety of master’s programs at the University of Miami and decided to pursue an M.F.A. in Interactive Media with an emphasis on UX Design.

“I think it was probably the best decision so far because I really like it,” Packard shared.

She will be working remotely for the Motorola Solutions headquarters in Chicago, IL. with a design team that is working on how videos can help police officers understand a situation before arriving on the scene.

“I’m excited to be able to work in a company that is doing such important work that makes a big impact,” she said.

Her goal is to have a full-time position as a UX/UI designer within the following year.

While completing her master’s program, Packard noted the importance of using all of your resources, such as your professors and advisors.

“Don’t be afraid to always reach out and make good connections with people,” Packard said. “It will bring you success and opportunities for the future.”

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