By Karina Valdes

The Career Conversations Series continues on July 22 with University of Miami School of Communication alumnus Billy Corben, B.S.C. ‘03. A documentary film director and co-founder of the Miami-based studio Rakontur, Corben is a world-renowned filmmaker known for Cocaine Cowboys and ESPN’s The U and The U: Part 2.

“Billy is an alumnus with a lot of experience, is outspoken, and does not shy away from difficult truths, which makes him someone capable of dispensing noteworthy advice to our students,” said Kebrina Maharaj, manager of career services and internships.

Wednesday’s conversation will cover topics such as finding your niche, how to make it, having an authentic voice, L.A. vs. Miami, and how current issues will shape what you do.

“Becoming a filmmaker is a gutsy thing and finding your footing in such a career is sometimes quite daunting,” said Maharaj. “Our students, specifically motion pictures majors, have many questions on how to make it, what kind of content they should produce, how to become recognized and successful, and where should they go after graduation,” said Maharaj.

The Career Conversations Series featuring Billy Corben takes place on Wednesday, July 22, at 2:15 p.m. on Zoom. Visit to register.

“Our students have so many questions that truly only someone in the business can fully explain and who better to do so that one of our own who has found success,” said Maharaj.