Farbod Ardebili, B.S.C. ’18, director of the award-winning film Bats and Jokes, recently began working with Orange Umbrella, the School of Communication’s student-run consultancy, on his new project, The Fallers.

Ardebili has been working closely with Orange Umbrella to help further his personal brand and message. OU has assisted Ardebili with establishing his target audience, marketing and promoting his project, as well as creating original content about his latest film.

The Fallers is supported by professional film organizations such as the Sundance Film Intensive and is categorized as a Cyberpunk Noir Animation. It takes place in an imaginative world in which society has split its governance between machines and humankind. In this bizarre and dystopian future, a manufactured prostitute enlists help from a cyber detective to turn the world upside down.

Alumni of the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, such as Ardebili, go to great lengths to make their creative projects come to life. The department supports its students and alumni express themselves and their ideas through multiple mediums.

OU is also helping Ardebili raise funds to complete his latest project. To watch the trailer for The Fallers, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2109297798/the-fallers/description.