By Kristen Sabina –

In just one week, Homestead Miami Speedway is going to be in full gear for the Ford Championship Weekend. Over 50,000 fans flock every year to fill the stands and enjoy the exhilarating, ear popping, heart-pumping event.

On Oct. 31, UM PREP students received VIP access to the Speedway and got a tour of the entire facility in preparation for next week’s event. Leading the tour was Kelly, a former PREP student, now Media Relations Manager for Homestead Miami Speedway. This training day consisted of a tour of the credential office, the media center, photo bubble, infield hospitality area and the press box. Each stop on the tour included detailed descriptions of what to expect in each area and what the student responsibilities are going to be. Students “ooed” and “awed” at each stop in the tour, amazed by the size and significance of the event they will very soon get the chance to experience. As the pressure and anxiousness began to build, PREP students feverishly wrote down notes, making sure not to leave out even one detail.

At last, all nerves subsided when the group traveled down to the track and visited the famous, Victory Lane. The group gathered for a fun photo, as smiles went from ear to ear. Complete silence and tranquility engulfed the racetrack, but this will not be true for long. Make sure to follow PREP on social media to see how NASCAR weekend plays out and check back here for a full story overview following the event. In the meantime, get your engines ready drivers, because our PREP students are ready!