Cosford Cinema celebrates its new 4K digital projector with 3D capabilities with a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller DIAL M FOR MURDER. The film screening will feature an introduction from Hitchcockian scholar William Rothman.

The film event is Sunday, October 12 at 6PM.

British tennis pro Ray Milland suspects that his wealthy wife Grace Kelly is fooling around with handsome American Robert Cummings. Milland blackmails a disgraced former army comrade (Anthony Dawson) into murdering Kelly and making it look like the work of a burglar. But Milland’s carefully mapped-out scheme does not take into account the notion that Kelly might fight back and kill her assailant. When the police (represented by John Williams) investigate, Milland improvises quickly, subtly planting the suggestion that his wife has committed first-degree murder. He almost gets away with it; to tell you more would spoil the fun of the film’s final thirty minutes.

The film will feature an introduction from renowned Hitchcock scholar William Rothman, author of HITCHCOCK- THE MURDEROUS GAZE and MUST WE KILL THE THING WE LOVE?: EMERSONIAN PERFECTIONISM AND THE FILMS OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK. Presented by the Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies at the University of Miami.

This screening celebrates the installation of a new 4K 3D Projector at the Cosford with the support of the School of Communication, UM Student Activities, and the Cinematic Arts Commission.

Presented by the Norton Herrick Center. For more information, please visit the Cosford Cinema website.