The Ibis Yearbook, and received Pacemaker Awards at the Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association National Conference in New Orleans. The Pacemaker is the ACP’s top annual award for college media outlets.

This is the seventh Pacemaker for the Ibis and the first for, Distraction’s online edition. The print edition of Distraction was honored with its second Pacemaker Finalist award.

Student media leaders say the awards are both a reward for the staff’s hard work and encouragement to keep improving. “It tells me where we are and what we need to work on,” said Ibis Editor Katherine Lee. “I am proud to be part of such a consistently great publication, but there is always room for improvement, and seeing how our books finish just motivates us.”

Student media staffers who attended the conference received critique from professionals, networked with peers and saw an overview of trends in student press and beyond, said Distraction Editor Ivana Cruz.

“I am thrilled with the contest results for the staff of both publications (Ibis and  It is a great honor for the two staffs that I advise. These two Pacemakers plus the one won by show that we are doing something with student media at the University of Miami,” Randy Stano, Ibis and Distraction editorial adviser.

Individual ACP award winners from Distraction included:

  • First place for the December 2012 cover illustrated by Serbani Ghosh;
  • Third place to Ivana Cruz in magazine spreads for her “Filthy Flesh” design;
  • Fifth place to Holly Bensur in environmental photography of a swimmer;
  • Honorable mention to Ivana Cruz in display advertising for “Attention seniors”;
  •  Honorable mention to Sophie Bishop for the “Let’s talk” house ad.

Individual ACP award winners from the Ibis included:     

  •  Third place to Julie Smart received in advertising campaigns for her yearbook ads;
  • Honorable mention in yearbook spreads on housing by Leonardo dos Santos;  
  • Honorable mention in informational graphics on how the Greek system works by Chris Hargrove.

In the Best of Collegiate Design 21 contest sponsored by CMA the Ibis won:

  • First place in Academic Spreads on the Toppel Center and resumes;
  • Second place in organization and club spreads with coverage of the swim club;
  • Honorable mention n student life spreads with neighborhoods spread by Leonardo dos Santos    

In Best of Collegiate Design 21 competition, Distraction received:

  • Second place in editorial illustration and cartoons with the Dec. 2012 cover by Serbani Ghosh.
  • Second place in magazine spread designs with “Filthy Flesh” by Ivana Cruz.