For the first time, the Center for Innovation and Creativity Media (CIC Media) and The Media Office (TMO) bring together the First International Seminar on Innovation for Content Creation hosted by the University of Miami. This event will be held at The Bill Cosford Cinema in the School of Communication on April 3rd from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We at the University of Miami, are delighted to host this event given that Innovation is at the forefront of Communications in today’s globally interdependent and competitive world,” said Joseph Ganitsky, Director at the UM Center for International Business Education and Research; and Senior Lecturer at the School of Business.

“We have been talking a lot about the need for students of communication to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude towards their future. This seminar is one way to demonstrate the importance of entrepreneurship in the creative fields. All our students should be interested in this,” said Sanjeev Chatterjee, award-winning documentary media maker and Lecturer at the School of Communication.

Throughout this seminar, participants will be able to learn the key for Content Creation in a global multi-platform world. Some of the subjects to be discussed will include the importance of Innovation in the entertainment industry, the meaning of Creativity, its process and its rules. Further in the seminar, we will discuss the types of Innovation for Audiovisual content and lastly how to implement the Process of Innovation.

During the Innovation seminar, we will also enjoy the contribution of several US and International guest panelists that will provide the attendees insights of the industry.

Participants include:

Ligiah Villalobos, a well-known independent writer/producer and has participated in the NBC show, ED; and the hit Nick Jr. series, Go, Diego! Go! She has also worked on projects for ABC Family, NBC, Lifetime, and the Disney Channel.

Eric Foster White, Ex- President of EMI Music, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter, record producer, musician, technologist and entrepreneur. He has participated in projects with Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan, Jessica Simpson, and Julio Iglesias.

Peter Langenberg, the Vice President of Business Management of Warner Bros. Langenberg is a TV format expert led roll out of Big Brother format across the world.

Cesar Coletti, Vice President of Marketing of The History Channel and H2 for Latin America and Brazil. He has lead the launch of the History Channel, BIO and H2, as well as the repositioning of A&E..

This seminar will be conducted by Marlon Quintero; head of CIC Media, TV producer and content creator. In his 20 years of work experience, he has been involved and led projects for Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Television, Univision, Cisneros Media, Nickelodeon, Televisa, MTV, among others. CIC Media is a consulting and media production firm, focusing on content innovation management, production and training. Through this training initiative he is interested in teaching the value of Innovation to ensure strategy, creativity and innovation in the proliferation of successful media content for multiple digital TV platforms in the media industry.

Participants of the seminar will receive a Certificate that proves the highly recognizable effort to develop themselves as future Content Creators. For questions, contact

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