NBC makeup artist Ana Limonchi visited students from CEM 517, 317 and 233 Monday afternoon, March 31 to give a talk and demonstration on “Studio and Field makeup in the Age of HD.”

“The look today is natural,” she told the students assembled in Studio B. “Soft, neutral tones are in. Nothing harsh. Nothing distracting. This goes to your clothing too. Avoid patterns. Wear solid colors  and the solid colors must be muted. Nothing neon.”

Limonchi, who volunteered to share tips and tools of the trade with students, has extensive experience in broadcast, film, fashion and on the red carpet. She also has her own product line at www.limonchimakeup.com, which is based on Mineral and High Definition Make up.

“HD shows everything,” she said, cautioning these future broadcasters that less is more. “Do not cake it on. Apply lightly. Your makeup is going to have to last you as much as 12 hours. Add powder during the day. That’s it.”

Ellen Fleysher, Professor of Practice, Frances L. Wolfson Chair in Broadcast Journalism, Electronic Media contributed this report.