• Professor Joseph B. Treaster, in the Department of Journalism and Media Management, worked as a reporter and foreign correspondent for The New York Times for more than 30 years before joining the University of Miami faculty. After coming to Miami, he edited The Times’ Eye of the Storm hurricane blog, managed a team of weather experts around the country and wrote frequently for Eye of the Storm.


  • For more than two decades, Alan Prince drilled School of Communication students at the University of Miami in journalistic writing, editing and history. To each class, say students, faculty and administrators, he brought a keen sense of integrity, knowledge and professional know-how.


  • Almost 90 percent of restaurant workers in the United States do not have access to paid sick days.

    Unsavory, a new mobile game available for iOS and Android devices, lets players take the role of these workers preparing food to see if they can survive a month on the job while sick.


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