Marketing Coordinator

On a day to day basis this individual will be expected to create and coordinate content, have design expertise, take photos/ videos, track results, build and maintain relationships, draft reports, and otherwise support all marketing strategies. This individual will be an in-house communication liaison between creative, accounting and operations. A requirement of this position is design, copywriting, branding, photography and videography skills in addition to speaking both English and Spanish proficiently. 

The goal of the marketing coordinator is to develop and execute plans and strategies that are driven from the CMO of Pinecrest Bakery. These plans and strategies have a goal of raising the awareness of the company that drives sales and reputation. This individual would serve as the CMO’s right hand. A marketing coordinator stays informed about the market, competition, industry trends and the competitive landscape while aiding in the strategizing and implementation of marketing branding and advertising plans. 

Specific tasks:

  • Monthly Digital Marketing Calendar
  • Monthly Product Images
  • Monthly TV Ads
  • Monthly Partner promotion results
  • Monthly Blog / YouTube Upload
  • Monthly Print / Supplies
  • Monthly Event / Campaigns

To apply send your resume and brief note to Victoria Valdes