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‘Sweet Malady’ Might Just Make You Give Up Sweets… Forever

By: Isabella Vaccaro Sanjeev Chatterjee, a professor of cinema and interactive media and journalism in the University of Miami’s School of Communication, has been starting conversations with his films for years. His 2008 documentary One Water, prompted audiences around the world to rethink their relationship with water and how they might be taking it for granted. Chatterjee is tackling another global problem: the effects of sugar. In his new film, Sweet Malady, Chatterjee follows a family in Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state and a city known for its [...]

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Nobody’s Going to the Movies, Yet Everybody’s Watching Movies

The rise of video streaming services was discussed during a meeting on tech trends before the CES International consumer technology conference held in Las Vegas earlier this month. Photo: Associated Press By Michael R. Malone University of Miami film and media specialists discuss the dynamics—competition, quality, and delivery options—that are revolutionizing the film and TV marketplace. The Golden Globes annually light the fanfare fuse that sizzles all the way to the Oscars on Feb. 9. At the Globes ceremony this year, host Ricky Gervais used his pulpit, in twisted fashion, to [...]

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Movies of the 80s with Rene Rodriguez

This semester, Rene Rodriguez, who served as the Miami Herald’s film critic for over 20 years, is teaching a class in the School of Communication called The Most Influential Decade: How the Movies of the 1980s Continue to Shape Hollywood today. Rene spoke with us about the inspiration for his course and what he hopes to convey to his students about this pivotal decade.   Isabella: What was the inspiration for this 1980s cinema class? Rene: So, I teach an Aspects of Contemporary Cinema course in the spring semester, which is [...]

Christina Lane Named President-elect of UFVA

On September 1, Christina Lane, chair for the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, was named president-elect of the University Film and Video Association (UFVA). Lane served as a board member for two years before assuming her new position at UFVA, a not-for-profit organization which brings together media professionals to promote cinema and media as a whole.  As president-elect, Lane will work closely under UFVA’s current president to learn the ins and outs of the job, as well as develop her own vision for the organization before officially becoming president [...]

UM Documentary Class Combines Science and Communication

By: Karina Valdes The relationship between sisters is a special one and Mischa and Micaela’s is no different. The siblings spend countless hours playing, singing, and dancing together, but Mischa and Micaela’s relationship is all the more unique due to Micaela’s diagnosis of autism. In a documentary short created by students from a class co-taught by two University of Miami professors, Mischa and her family share their story. “Mischa has had to grow up a little bit faster than she’s supposed to, but what’s been so beautiful is watching Micaela [...]

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Learning the art of filmmaking in Japan

San Diego native Talia Mereles is studying motion picture production for three weeks with eight film students as part of a UM faculty-led study abroad program. I have an obsession with adventure. I am currently attending the 21-day Film in Japan study abroad program. Ed Talavera, the trip advisor and associate professor of Cinema and Interactive Media in the School of Communication, selected me as a teaching assistant, and I am honored to represent the UM and help lead a fantastic group of students. I traveled with Talavera to Greece [...]

The 2019 ’Canes Film Showcase will highlight student work

Six short films created by University of Miami film students will be screened in Los Angeles this week. Miguel Angel Tamayo, a University of Miami rising senior, has always been in love with film. For many years, he watched a film a day. When he saw Carlos Saura’s "Cria Cuervos," the 1976 Spanish drama of loss and loneliness, he was smitten. It inspired him to create his own short film called “Raising Ants,” a 19-minute drama of a young girl who loses her mother to cancer and is sent, along [...]

Happy to be Nappy Wins CinemaSlam Award

Happy to be Nappy, a music video created by a class of University of Miami School of Communication graduate students, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s uplifting. It’s empowering. It’s a piece of film that embraces, with open and grooving arms, black culture—and specifically black hair. When Ed Talavera, associate professor in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, assigned a project to his students, neither him nor his class could have foreseen its success. “First-year graduate students must make a music video with a local Miami music group [...]

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The Block Film Competition

Filmmakers, ready your cameras. This spring, Oolite Arts, an organization that advocates for the visual arts and hosts events like exhibits and arts residencies, will partner with the University of Miami to put on the ultimate film contest—The Block. Miamians across the city are invited to pitch ideas for a documentary portraying the history and culture of one of the many eclectic neighborhoods here. Heading the partnership with Oolite at UM is Ed Talavera, an associate professor in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media. “As the premier film school in [...]

SwampScapes Selected for Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

SwampScapes celebrates continued success in bringing much-needed attention to the vital importance of the endangered Florida Everglades. The 360º film is an official selection for the 2019 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the largest documentary festival in North America. University of Miami School of Communication Associate Professor Kim Grinfeder, former Visiting Knight Chair Liz Miller, and Miami-based filmmaker and artist Juan Carlos Zaldivar co-directed the swamp-conscious film. “We are pushing the film across many fronts and a festival like Hot Docs will helps us attract attention from educators and programmers who [...]

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