By: Bianca De Paz

The School of Communication, The Center for the Humanities, The Africana Studies Program and the American Studies Program have come together to host an event to discuss the effects of racism, particularly anti-Blackness, which has been under attack in the world, especially within our country.  

The event will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31st from 4:30 p.m.-6 p.m. Scholars such as Dr. Lisa M Corrigan, Dr. Anjali Vats, and Dr. Alfred L. Martin Jr will engage questions about the relationship of racial identity to social movements, media production, and intellectual property.  

With a welcome from School of Communication Dean Karin Wilkins, and opening remarks from Dr. Jafari Allen, director of the UM Africana Studies Program. 

Dr. Lisa M. Corrigan, Professor of Communication and Director of the Gender Studies Program at the University of Arkansas, has recently written her latest book Black Feelings: Race and Affect in the Long Sixties, to withstand the constant physical violence against black activists and the psychological strain of political disappointment.     

Dr. Anjali Vats, Associate Professor of Communication and African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College, demonstrates how intellectual property and citizenship has evolved and continues to grow in deeply intertwined and raced ways in her most recent book, The Color of Creatorship: Intellectual Property, Race, and the Making of American 

Dr. Alfred L. Martin, Jr., Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and African American Studies at the University of Iowa, investigates the concept of a monolithic Black audience and explores whether this generic closet still exists in his work in The Generic Closet: Black Gayness and the Black-Cast Sitcom.  

The authors are looking forward to engaging in lively conversation and diving deep into the wider-ranging and material effects of the racial challenges that we are facing today as a society.  

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