By: Jabria Roscoe

UMTV received 11 nominations in ten different categories from the NBS-AERho National Undergraduate Student Electronic Media Competition. NBS-AERho is a national organization that recognizes the work of college students working toward a career in electronic media. The winners will be announced at the NBS-AERho 78th National Convention, held March 11-14 in Los Angeles.

UMTV has been nominated in categories that include Video Feature Segment, Video Newscast (live), Video Newscast (prerecorded), Video Documentary Program, Video Sports Segment, and Video Sports Program.

UM senior lecturer and UMTV faculty advisor, Ed Julbe, says the nominations are a reflection of the students’ dedication to the shows.

“There’s a lot of hard work put in by a lot of students, faculty, and staff to make these shows a reality,” Julbe said. “It’s a very rewarding experience to see it all come together.”

NBS-AERho was founded in 1941 and was officially established in 1943. Over the decades, NBS-AERho has become known for its annual convention, which hosts the organization’s award ceremony. Hoping to be nominated, UMTV submitted video from the various student-run shows, as well as individual students’ stories. The submissions are judged by top industry leaders in the broadcast journalism field.

UM lecturer and UMTV faculty advisor, Boriana Treadwell, says she waited two weeks to see the nominations because the list was not released on time, but she felt the wait was well worth it.

“I kept calling and emailing the NBS-AERho coordinator because I was very anxious to find out how many of UMTV’s submissions will be nominated,” Treadwell said. “I am very happy that the wait paid off with 11 nominations in 10 categories.”

UM alum and current UM lecturer, Trevor Green, says he feels great to see the students’ efforts pay off.

“They work really hard and it’s great for them to get the recognition they deserve,” Green said. “I did my graduate and undergraduate degree here, so it feels even warmer because I used to be in their position.”

Along with UMTV’s multiple nominations, current UMTV station manager and senior at UM, Benjamin Ezzy, is expected to receive the award in the Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction category for his work on NewsVision. Ezzy serves as director for the show and was the only student to be nominated in this category.

Ezzy says he is happy with the nomination even though he has not yet won the award.

“It just feels nice to be recognized and to know that the time I spend in the studio is meaningful,” Ezzy said.

Treadwell says she never doubted Ezzy would get nominated for his work at UMTV.

“He is hands-down one of the best directors I have ever worked with and that includes my 17 years working at CNN,” Treadwell said.

Although Ezzy’s name is on the nomination, he recognizes that he wouldn’t be where he is without help from peers and teachers.

“It wouldn’t be possible without the support of my dedicated professors and the great crews I have had the privilege of working with over the past few years,” Ezzy said.

The student-led UMTV has won dozens of prestigious awards in the past and the students who currently work in the station continue to prove they have what it takes to be great with their latest award nominations from NBS-AERho. Green says he hopes they can continue their success and do even better in the future. And he is not alone.

“I want them to keep excelling, keep trying new things and push themselves,” Treadwell said. “I want us to be the school that sets the bar for other programs and institutions.”

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