On March 6, the Media Management Association (MMA) welcomed Devin Rogan, associate director at the University of Miami Toppel Career Center, to discuss personal LinkedIn branding strategy. Coming from a corporate recruiting background, Rogan fully understood the importance of LinkedIn as a valuable means of “showing off” one’s professional image.

Throughout his presentation, Rogan described the primary features of the popular professional social media platform, which is available both as a website and an app, and offered students advice to take advantage of these features effectively. First, he explained the profile expectations needed to project an excellent image to prospective recruiters and fellow users, such as the need of a professional profile picture. Without a first-rate picture, one’s views could significantly decrease. Creating an insightful profile headline to reflect one’s qualifications was the second step. Next, the profile background provides free real estate that could be customized to contribute to one’s personality. Customizing one’s URL address is also an opportunity to avoid a long and undesirable series of numbers that does not help build one’s brand. Crafting a thoughtful summary about oneself was the last major profile-related step that LinkedIn users should implement.

To make meaningful connections, Rogan stressed the importance of connecting with friends, colleagues, and industry leaders, but perhaps most importantly, with college alumni.

“The way you’re going to be recognized and viewed is by becoming active,” he said.

In addition, Rogan noted that publishing posts and presentations on SlideShare through LinkedIn Publisher is an effective manner of demonstrating one’s leadership and expertise. Joining groups and following companies also attract viewership and ultimately denote involvement.

LinkedIn endorsements are particularly helpful. After the completion of a project, it may be appropriate to request recommendations from superiors or clients.

“Users who display five or more skills are messaged 31 times more and viewed 17 times more,” said Rogan.

Finally, for the ultimate LinkedIn maximization, students should let recruiters know that they would like to be contacted (an option available under settings) and utilize the alumni research tool LinkedIn offers to find alumni from all over the world.