Upon entering room 3040 of the Wolfson Building, you will no longer find a traditional classroom setting. Free of desks fixed to the floor and immovable iMacs, which have become the norm for classrooms, everything is portable. From the chairs to the podium, the room’s configuration can be rearranged depending on the needs of the class.

“The theme was flexibility,” said Tomas Ortiz, director of technical operations and engineering.

The room strays from the typical classroom setting from the floor to the ceiling. The walls are made of glass and can be written on with a dry erase marker. In the front of the room is an 82-inch screen and on the right wall are three 65-inch screens. Laptops can be connected to the monitors, giving students a unique way of displaying projects and other digital content. The redesigned space allows students to collaborate and think creatively in an unconfined space as dynamic as they are.

“Once people get used to it, and the semester gets going and they want to be a little bit creative in terms of what they want to do in the room, they’re going to see the different ways it can be configured,” Ortiz said.