Last Wednesday, the Media Management Association invited ESPN’s David Bearman, manager of production research, and Tiffany Doolittle, manager of business operations, to explain the purpose and functions of Bristol, CT-based ESPN’s Statistics and Information. This division specializes in sports data and analytical storytelling and disseminates content across ESPN’s television, radio, digital, mobile, and magazine platforms. It was clear from this informational session that opportunities for paid internships and entry-level positions at ESPN Stats & Info are available to qualified and interested applicants.

Bearman and Doolittle described what happens behind the scenes in four areas or departments: statistics and analysis, BottomLine, production research, and sports analytics. The first department, statistics and analysis, runs all of ESPN’s live tracking, including updates, real-time scoring, and statistics. The second department, BottomLine, is responsible for the headlines that viewers see at the bottom of the screen. This department mostly consists of editors with strong writing skills. The production research department oversees the creation of insightful and accurate content for television and digital platforms. Finally, the sports analytics department focuses on transforming mathematical data into compelling stories. Ultimately, ESPN’s detailed on-alert approach to statistics and information is designed to support and enhance its credibility as the provider of the most accurate and up-to-date sports news.

The use of various digital platforms to relay ESPN’s statistics and information was heavily discussed. Both Bearman and Doolittle noted the vast amount of information that their departments collect. Whatever data are not covered on television are shared on ESPN’s social media accounts.

For those interested in internships and entry-level jobs at ESPN, Doolittle, previously an intern herself, recommended that students set up job alerts through