Media makers, academics and technologists from all over the world will be discussing the impact that media has on building a better world in the Media for Change Virtual Conference, a 12-hour global virtual event held on Nov. 17.

University of Miami School of Communication is one of four institutions serving as an international hub for the event. The other institutions are Temple University, Japan Campus, Tokyo; School of Journalism, English and Communication, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK; and SENAC, São Paulo, Brazil.

The conference will take a look at what independent media makers are creating to initiate conversations that will hopefully lead to meaningful solutions to themes including climate change, sustainability, poverty, security, labor, and migration. The School of Communication will be discussing Food Stories, with a focus on strategies for telling the stories of sustainability, health, innovation, and other themes surrounding food and its consumption globally.

Based in Florida, and founded by School of Communication professor, Sanjeev Chatterjee, Media for Change is a non-profit organization with the goal of finding, defining, and sharing the best ways that media can make a change.

The conference will be held on the multi-feature platform vConferenceOnline and online viewers can participate via social media, including Twitter and Facebook. 

University of Miami students interested in attending should contact Professor Sanjeev Chatterjee at for free student registrations. To view the program, please visit,