On Tuesday, Sept. 20, UM Debate hosts iDebate Rwanda at the School of Communication, CIB 3053 Shoma Hall, at 7 p.m. They will be debating the motion “Aid to Africa is Doing More Harm Than Good.” 

22 years after the Rwandan genocide, the country has transformed. It is now known for hope and peace and as a model of development. Through this transformation, the country has learned about reconciliation, healing, identity and the importance of speaking up. With this in mind, iDebate Rwanda has organized the 2016 iDebate Rwanda USA Tour: Voices from a Post Genocide Generation.

The goal of the tour is to raise awareness about Rwanda and its debate program for high school students, which brings students from different backgrounds together. The program teaches them how to debate peacefully and disagree without feeling the need to use violence.

On top of raising awareness about Rwanda, iDebate Rwanda hopes to create a global community that celebrates the art of civil discourse.

To learn more about, visit www.DebateRwanda.org