Hundreds of public relations graduate students, professors, and practitioners from all over the world will gather for the 19th International Public Relations Research Conference, March 2-6, at the Holiday Inn near University of Miami.

With this year’s focus on The Public Relations of Public Diplomacy and Nation Building/Branding, 103 cutting-edge public relations research papers will be delivered in a style unique to this conference: Presenters lead informal roundtable discussions of their work throughout the day.

“It’s like high-speed dating,” says Don Stacks, Ph.D., professor in UM’s School of Communication Department of Strategic Communication and founder and executive director of the IPRRC. “These are chances for people who are doing their research to get critiques and comments in a very non-hostile setting.”

Among paper awards already bestowed, scholars from Germany, Norway, and Slovenia have been recognized for their exploration of how the U.S., Canada, and Mexico communicate with their diaspora via their embassies in Communication Evaluation and Measurement: Skills, Practices and Utilization in European Organizations.

In addition to the regular roundtables, a one-hour special session will focus entirely on public relations measurement on Thursday afternoon, March 3. Several researchers working to connect theory to practice will lead this session and present Stage 1 findings to date.

The IPRRC is the only U.S. conference devoted entirely to public relations research. For more information, please visit