The School of Communication welcomes 11 new faculty members this fall across its four departments. Meet our new faculty members:

Susan MorganDr. Susan E. Morgan is director for the Center for Communication, Culture, and Change and a professor in Communication Studies. Dr. Morgan’s research interests involve the design and evaluation of persuasive messages targeting health behavior change in multicultural populations. Her research has been supported by over $9 million in grant funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Dr. Tyler R. Harrison is a professor in Communication Studies. Dr. Harrison’s research interests focus on the design of communication processes and systems to improve individual, organizational, and societal outcomes. His work in this area has focused on health communication and conflict management.

Dr. Jan Boehmer is an assistant professor in Journalism & Media Management. Dr. Boehmer investigates the influence of new & social media on journalistic routines as well as audience perceptions and behaviors. He focuses on multimedia, convergence, and participation in the realms of sport communication, online journalism and political reporting. 

Dr. Hyun-Ji Lim is an assistant professor in Strategic Communication. Dr. Lim specializes in international public relations, crisis communication, and social media.

Dr. Soyoon Kim is an assistant professor in communication Studies. Dr. Kim’s research interests center on health communication. She has developed expertise in evaluating and designing persuasive health campaigns in the area of cancer communication and substance-abuse prevention research. 

Howard McCain is an assistant professor in Cinema & Interactive Media. McCain is a screenwriter and director who wrote and directed the 2008 action sci-fi film Outlander, starring Jim Caviezel.

Erin Brown is a lecturer in Journalism & Media Management. Brown is a sports journalist and web developer. She most recently was NHL beat writer and associate digital content manager for FOX Sports Florida. She has also served as a developer for and CBS Interactive.

Boriana Treadwell is a lecturer in Journalism & Media Management.  Treadwell is an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience in broadcast, print and online media. Prior to becoming a full-time journalism instructor, Treadwell worked for over 16 years at the CNN’s Global Headquarters in Atlanta as a producer, writer, copyeditor and assignment editor.

Shara Toursh Pavlow is a lecturer in Communication Studies. She specializes in the role of communication in building resilient communities. She most recently served as an instructor at Florida Atlantic University, where she taught on communication and community organizing, public participation and engagement, constructive conflict, small group processes, organizational communication, and human communication theory.

William Hughes is a lecturer in Strategic Communication. He previously taught writing and literature at the City University of New York and worked as a copywriter at SapientNitro and The Barbarian Group.

Kelly Whalen is a visiting professor in Journalism & Media Management. Whalen is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker who has primarily worked in public media for more than 15 years. Her nationally-broadcasted work has explored racial injustices in America’s “war on drugs,” community organizing against hate and intolerance, and rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.