David Silverman and Spencer George are the 2014 Junior Varsity Southeast Debate Champions.  Debating at Emory University on February 21 to23, Spencer and David compiled a perfect 6-0  record, advancing into finals where they won a 3-0 decision to defeat ACC rivals Wake Forest and claim the championship.  Also competing and contributing to the UM success were Joe Karam and Russ Wilde, Adrianne Babun-Chavaria and Anna Shah, and Nabiha Aziz and Anna Ivanova. 

On February 15, UM Debate also defeated local rivals to win the championship of the Miami Dade Debate Tournament.  Debaters Jimmy Kardys and Joe Karam won all 4 of their debates over Miami Dade College and FIU.  Liam Allen-McGoran and Nate Dong were 3-1, and placed third.  Karam, Allen-McGoran and Dong also received individual awards, with Karam named the top debater.