After 25 hours of non-stop brainstorming, writing, designing, and creating, the School of Communication’s fifth annual PhilADthropy ended Saturday morning with blear-eyed smiles and an impressive array of creative services to benefit local nonprofit organizations. 

Sixteen local nonprofits were selected to participate in PhilADthropy, which pairs 120 School of Communication students with professional team leaders to develop campaigns and collateral in 25 sleepless hours of energy-drink fueled creativity. The nonprofits pitched their causes on Friday afternoon and returned Saturday to receive a variety of creative services, including print materials, web designs, public service announcements, social media strategies and campaigns to build awareness and sponsorship.

Like many teams at PhilADthropy, the Radio Lollipop team developed a brochure, media kit, branding, design materials, email marketing, social media strategy, and a new plan for sponsorship opportunities for their client. The students gave a brief presentation, including files and prototypes of the cheerful red-and-gold collateral. The verdict from their client: “Mission way accomplished.”

“What you guys have done today will help us to go out and make these kids smile and keep doing what we do,” said Catalina Orozco, chairperson of Radio Lollipop, an in-house radio broadcast for patients at Miami Children’s Hospital. “You’ve started a new era for us, and it’s going to go way beyond the 24 hours that you spent here.”

The team got on a roll quickly Friday, said advertising senior Jonathan Fernandez, who felt that they understood their goals and could bring new approaches to Radio Lollipop. “I knew we were going to crush this,” he said. “It’s a lot of work, but when you have great people to bounce ideas off of, it’s also a lot of fun.”

Smitten with Kittens, a cat rescue organization, worked with PhilADthrophy participants to shoot a new Public Service Announcement about their rescue. The organization applied for PhilADthropy because its marketing budget is limited and they need help sharing their mission, said Tia Williams, director of Smitten with Kittens.

While Smitten With Kittens weren’t selected as a full participant, broadcast journalism students Heather Zons and Tyriq McCord shot and produced a funny video Public Service Announcement — modeling clever Old Spice ads— to encourage multiple views and sharing on social media, Zons said.

“The video is great, and I’m glad we got to work with them.” Williams said. “There are a million cat videos. People just love them, and we want to capitalize on that. We think videos are the way of the future for rescues.”

Team leaders also worked with the student teams, sharing their real-world expertise and helping students manage a punishing deadline. “It’s such a fulfilling experience,” said Paul Amelchenko, associate creative director at Sapient Nitro, who served as a team leader for Radio Lollipop at his second PhilADthropy. “You’re always a little nervous going into it, but the end is just awesome to see what the students can do.” 

Teams power through PhilADthropy with the help of sponsors, who provide food, guidance, supplies and more. Many thanks to charter sponsor Crispin Porter + Bogusky, as well as sponsors Distraction Magazine, Sir Pizza, Sergio’s, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, URAWk, Roc Kat Ice Cream Company, the University of Miami Citizen’s Board, Giardino’s Gourmet Salads, VitaCoco, Trader Joe’s, Utrecht Art Supplies and Pop Chips. 

Nonprofits who participated in this year’s PhilADthropy included: Family Promise/Houses for Change, Radio Lollipop, CFECF – Fiscal sponsor of Colin’s Dream Park, Jonathan Spikes Foundation, Zoological Society of Florida, MUJER, Inc., Awesome Foundation MIAMI, Voices for Children, Farm Share, Inc.,  Switchboard of Miami, Alliance for Musical Arts Prods., Inc., Disability Independence Group, Inc.,  Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, Inc.,  Children’s Brain Trust, Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, and New Horizons Community Mental Health Center.